Monday, May 01, 2006

Bush, accomplice to terrorists

CUBAN President Fidel Castro today accused U.S. President George W. Bush of complicity with international terrorists.

Speaking in front of some one million people gathered in the Plaza de la Revolucion for the country’s main May Day event, the Cuban leader referred to the protection that Washington gives to the authors of monstrous crimes against Cuba and other countries in Latin America and the world.

As evidence of this type of alliance with terrorists, Fidel pointed to official acknowledgement of FBI and CIA ties to the operation for illegally bringing into the United States international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, along with the protection he is given.

These facts have been repeatedly exposed by the Cuban government, denied by U.S. authorities and now acknowledged by the Attorney General, immigration authorities and other government agencies, and revealed by the U.S. media itself.

Posada Carriles continued to enjoy privileges while thousands of illegal immigrants are prosecuted, jailed and sent back to their native lands, in the midst of the largest political mobilization by Latinos in recent decades, Fidel added.

He noted that an article published by Mexican daily Por Esto accuses that country’s federal authorities of supporting Posada’s transfer to the United States, calling into question Washington’s credibility – “if it still has any.”

Later, he emphasized that the recent detention in Los Angeles of Cuban-born terrorist Robert Ferro, who was hiding 1,571 weapons in his house, made it possible to learn – through his confession – of his ties to the organization Alpha 66, and how some of those weapons were provided by the U.S. government itself.

The Cuban president recalled that those events cannot be considered separately from the military maneuvers being carried out at this time in the Caribbean by one of the most modern U.S. aircraft carrier ships, with dozens and dozens of sophisticated planes and even a nuclear submarine, with missiles and equipment capable of destroying communications.

Ferro had as many weapons as those brought to Cuba by the 1,500 mercenaries during the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 under the protection of a U.S. squadron, including an aircraft carrier and a good number of Marines, the Cuban president noted.

“It’s been a while since they’ve gone around with that garbage, but they are ignoring the people, the masses, the laws of a society and the laws of a Revolution,” Fidel affirmed, in response to those threats.

Continuing his accusations regarding the close and historical relationship between the White House and terrorists, he mentioned how that policy was carried out through a large number of pirate attacks, hijackings of fishing boats, infiltrations and countless attempts to assassinate him.

He described Alpha 66 as one of the most dangerous and active Miami-based terrorist organizations in 45 years, also linked to the criminal crusade dubbed Operation Condor, via which assassinations were carried out, like those of Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and democratic military officers Carlos Pratts of Chile and Juan José Torres of Bolivia.

“Neither oceans nor borders limited their criminal activities, as was demonstrated by the blowing-up of a Cubana Aviation plane over Barbados, and what is important is their relationship to the Bush family, Orlando Bosch and Posada Carriles,” he added.

Fidel Castro said that meanwhile, the United States is cynically accusing President Hugo Chávez and Cuba of being terrorists.