Sunday, May 14, 2006

CIA rendition flights to Azerbaijan and Redirected Pentagon Kalashnikovs to Latin American right wing forces

May 14, 2006 -- U.S. ally Azerbaijan denies CIA rendition flights landed there. A few weeks after Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliev (who, like George W. Bush the son of a Cold War-era spy boss and former President -- Gaidar Aliev -- and who was elected president in a fraudulent election) visited the White House, the oil-rich nation and neighbor of Iran denied it had hosted CIA rendition flights. However, the European aviation authority, Eurocontrol, registered 63 CIA flights from Frankfurt to Baku, Azerbaijan.

WMR was provided by a reliable European source with the following identified CIA flights to Azerbaijan:

21.01.03 N8183J Tepper Aviation
from Frankfurt, Germany overflight Austria to Baku
23.04.03 N312ME Aviation Specialties
from Goose Bay, Canada to Frankfurt, Germany (dep. 24.4.) to Bucharest, Romania to Baku
06.05.03 N157A Aviation Specialties
from Baku to Bucharest, Romania (dep. 10.5.) to Frankfurt, Germany
13.06.03 N313P Premier Executive Transport
from Washington, DC to Frankfurt, Germany to Baku
16.06.03 N58AS Aviation Specialties
from Baku to Bucharest, Romania to Ramstein, Germany
09.07.03 N379P Premier Executive Transport
from Baku overflight Iceland to Glasgow, UK
13.12.03 N88ZL Lowa Ltd.
from Wilmington, NC to Cleveland, OH to Baku
15.12.03 N88ZL Lowa Ltd.
from Baku to London, UK to Newburgh, NY
23.04.04 N85VM Assembly Point Aviation
from Schenectady, NY to Guantanamo to Washington, DC (26.4.) to Shannon, Ireland to Baku
28.04.04 N85VM Assembly Point Aviation
from Baku to Shannon, Ireland
12.08.04 N85VM Assembly Point Aviation
from Washington, DC to Ireland, Shannon (dep. 13.8.) to Kabul, Afghanistan to Baku
15.08.04 N85VM Assembly Point Aviation
from Baku to Shannon, Ireland
20.05.05 N4009L Stevens Express Leasing
from Aberdeen, UK to Munich, Germany (dep. 21.5.) to Bucharest, Romania to Baku
08.07.05 N1HC United States Aviation Co.
from Richmond, VA to Baku
28.10.05 N505LL Path Corporation
from St. John's, Canada to Ponta Delgada, Azores to Barcelona, Spain (dep. 31.10.) to Istanbul, Turkey (dep. 1.11.) to Baku (Report Turkish newspaper)
15.11.05 N505LL Path Corporation
from Baku to Istanbul, Turkey to Amsterdam, Netherlands (dep. 18.11.) to Reykjavík, Iceland to Frobisher Bay, Canada to Grand Forks, ND

Just after George W. Bush hosted the dictator Aliev, Vice President Dick Cheney was in Astana, Kazakhstan praising that nation's dictator, Nursultan Nazarbayev while, at the same time, lambasting Russia's President Vladimir Putin for crushing democracy there. The Bush regime's Central Asia policy is based on oil and supporting dictators in return for basing rights and logistics support for U.S. torture flights. Aliev and Nazarbayev are in lock step not only with the Bush administration but with those who control the Bush administration -- the Russian-Ukrainian-Israeli Mafia (RUIM), the same entity that supports "Al Qaeda." Putin broke up the Mafia's control of Russia's industries, including the energy industry, earning the wrath of the Mafia oligarchs and their facilitators in the White House and Pentagon.

Nowhere is the Bush-RUIM link more evident that in the Balkans. Recently, it was disclosed by Amnesty International that the Pentagon contracted with Aerocom, a Moldovan company owned by RUIM kingpin and UN- and US Treasury Department -blacklisted arms smuggler Viktor Bout, to fly 99 tons of Kalashnikov AK-47s and ammunition from Eagle base in Tuzla from July 2004 to 2005, ostensibly for use by Iraqi security forces. The remainder of the 200,000 assault rifles were said to be shipped from Eagle base to Iraq via the Croatian port of Ploce. The rifles and ammunition came from Bosnian, Serbian, and Montenegrin stockpiles. Some of the Bosnian weapons were originally purchased from Bosnian Defense Fund assets -- the Washington and Sarajevo-based fund for weapons purchases was established in the 1990s by Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and Marc Zell at Riggs Bank in Washington and the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo from contributions solicited from Arab and Muslim nations.

Tepper Aviation, a Crestview, Florida-based CIA proprietary with links to the Mossad, flew weapons to Bosnia during the 1990s. It is now involved in torture flights.

It is now being reported that the Pentagon's Kalashnikovs never made it to Iraq. WMR has been told by reliable sources in Latin America that some of the weapons are now in the hands of right-wing paramilitaries in Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, and other Latin American nations for use against populist leaders and candidates for office.

The imprimatur of RUIM is found throughout the Bush administration -- Chertoff, Abramoff, Kidan, and Marc Rich's one-time attorney, Scooter Libby -- are symptomatic of the disease of international organized criminal control of the U.S. government, as well as those of Israel, Britain, Bosnia, Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and now, Iraq. Putin stamped this disease out in Russia and Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, France, Italy, Lebanon, Syria, South Africa, and other nations are well aware of the links their opposition forces have to these same criminal syndicates.