Tuesday, May 16, 2006

U.S. Political Consultants Dick Morris and Rob Allyn Are the Virtual Rapists of Atenco

May 16, 2006
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Many of the most vivid details of the violence on May 4 in Atenco, Mexico came from the testimonies of five foreigners swept up during the police raid on that town. Deported quickly from Mexico the day after their arrests, these students, journalists and human rights activists from Chile, Spain and Germany were exiled based on a law that prohibits foreigners from involving themselves in Mexico's "political affairs."

But as Al Giordano reports today, two of the guiding voices behind the latest atrocities perpetrated by the Mexican federal government are in fact paid political consultants from the United States, foreigners who have been involved in a much more real way in the electoral politics of Mexico for the last six years:

"Hiding behind the political curtain as the women were raped and tortured," writes Giordano, "were the two gringo political consultants: Dick Morris and Rob Allyn. They advise President Vicente Fox and his favored presidential candidate, Felipe Calderón, of Fox's National Action Party (PAN, in its Spanish initials) on how to manipulate the mass media and in the art of 'crisis management.'

"The testimonies of sexual torture by the expelled journalists shock and compel. After the Atenco arrests, the same bestiality was inflicted on Mexican women and men, including one young Mexican man anally raped with a nightstick, but the foreigners - expelled before most of the Mexicans were able to tell their stories to the outside world - were merely the first voices able to speak about the horror inflicted upon them by Fox's regime. The coming weeks will bring a cascade of similar horror stories. We will translate some of the testimonies already offered here.

"But first, we offer a trip down amnesia lane: Because one of these U.S. political consultants, Rob Allyn, is, as we reported here six years ago, an electoral delinquent in Mexico, who admittedly broke the same Mexican law that was used, illegally, to expel the five foreigners this month.

"The other gringo is Dick Morris, the very same political consultant who, while running U.S. President Bill Clinton's presidential campaign in 1996, resigned in disgrace when it was revealed that he - a married man - paid a woman that was not his wife $200 an hour for sex.

"So when Fox - advised by U.S. political mercenaries Dick Morris and Rob Allyn - sent federal police earlier this month to Atenco to wage an illegal (sans search warrants) house-to-house hunt for dissidents; when hundreds were rounded up, beaten, tortured and dozens were sexually penetrated, some by penises, others by fingers, billy clubs and other weapons; when, then, the Fox regime expelled the few foreigners swept up among the more than 200 arrested, all this occurred under the command of a president that doesn't make a move without consulting his gringo handlers. At moments of crisis, Fox turns to the advice and counsel of the two gringos, Morris and Allyn, whose clients have also included U.S. presidents George W. Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Bill Clinton.

"There is no nice way to say it: Their role as advisors to Fox during the Atenco crisis makes Dick Morris and Rob Allyn into virtual rapists of at least thirty women this month by the police sent by their client."
The report continues an investigation begun six years ago, when Giordano first examined the role of hired U.S. political consultants in Vicente Fox's rise to power. Read it all here, in The Narco News Bulletin: