Tuesday, May 16, 2006


May 16, 2006 -- Baghdad and Dharan, Saudi Arabia -- Middle East intelligence sources report that the rise of Sh'ia power in Iraq is encouraging Sh'ia political activism in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, where a majority of the population is Sh'ia. The Eastern Province is the location of Saudi oil reserves and refineries. A Sh'ia takeover of the Eastern Province would give the Sh'ias effective control of the oil and natural gas reserves and production facilities of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq, which represent the world's first, second, and third greatest reserves of oil, respectively.

Move over Exxon Mobil and Chevron Texaco: Meet the world's future Sh'ia oil barons, Iraq's Ayatollah Ali al Sistani (left) and Ayatollah and Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (right). And who do the oil companies have to thank? Well, their boys Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice for starters.

May 16, 2006 -- Riyadh -- A recent announcement that Saudi Arabia will soon name two new private airlines that will initially compete with Saudi Arabian Airlines to provide domestic services before they begin international services in two years has counter-terrorism specialists worried. The two new airlines reportedly will provide 50,000 new jobs. But what has counter-terrorism experts concerned is that these jobs will include pilots and pilot trainers in a country that continues to harbor powerful Jihadist cells.

May 16, 2006 -- Washington, DC -- Current CIA and Pentagon counter-terrorism efforts directed against Islamist radicals are misplaced according to informed intelligence sources. The emphasis on training Arabic speakers does not reflect the reality of the Muslim world, most of which is not Arab. By ignoring Islam's other ethnic and language groups, the real target of Langley and the Pentagon appears to be directed against not Muslims but Arabs, lending credence to the belief that America is only interested in protecting Middle East oil supplies and taking its cues on the war on terrorism from Israel, which also maintains an Arab-centric view of its own national security.

May 16, 2006 -- Riyadh and London -- According to a top British intelligence analyst who routinely examines radical Islamist web sites and online forums, the latest accusation from Saudi Jihadists is that the Saudi government (which the Jihadists follow with the phrase "God Curse Them") is putting shows on Saudi TV that aim to "Christianize" Saudi children. The Jihadists also claim the Saudi Royal family is working with the "cursed Americans" to eliminate Islam. Perhaps part of these accusations arise from the fact that Douglas Coe, the head of the powerful Arlington, Virginia-based Christian Fellowship, has often claimed that he has "prayed to Jesus" with members of the Saudi Royal family in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Royals have attended Fellowship functions in the Washington, DC area.

Saudi Jihadists accuse Saudi Royals of having a secret Christian agenda