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ROVING EYE - The killer on the (Saudi) king's highway By Pepe Escobar

The killer on the (Saudi) king's highway
By Pepe Escobar

There's danger on the edge of town
Ride the king's highway, baby
Weird scenes inside the gold mine
Ride the highway west, baby
The DoorsThe End
The killer awoke before dawn. He put his American desert boots on. He took a knife from the ancient gallery. And he walked on down the hall - bathed in desert sunlight. 

The killer spoke with a British accent (London's East End?) Father (Saud), I want to kill you. Mother (Langley?) I want to... 

yeeeaaahh, c'mon! 

Then the sartorially composed Man in Black beheaded American photojournalist James Foley. 

This is not the end, beautiful friend. It's just a new beginning in the never-ending Global War on Terror. Now starring Papa Saud's brand new bag - The Caliph and his goons. This is the way Shock and Awe morphs into "Assad must go" morphs into Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, morphs into The Caliph's Black Britannia goon responding to "humanitarian" bombing. I'm my own baby now. Watch me work. Bring it on.

Choice scenery. Good sound and vision production values. Careful editing. No unnecessary gore. No blood splattering. No Allahu Akbar shrieks. "A Message to America", indeed - but most of all a message to the Ummah. As in we're the Men in Black badasses. We run The Caliphate. We're no mere death cult; we're winners. And we take no prisoners. 

And why did Islamic State, formerly ISIS, become winners? Because the "West" regimented, schooled, trained, logistically helped and weaponized most of IS's Takfiri goons with a mission at hand: to destroy Syria. The "West" lauded them as "Syrian rebels". Freedom fighters. 

Washington even promoted Jabhat al-Nusra (the official al-Qaeda franchise in Syria, and a "terrorist organization", according to the State Department) as "good" jihadis, as well as the preferred Saudi combo, the Islamic Front. 

No wonder after photojournalist James Foley was kidnapped in November 2012 the Washington-sanctioned version was that he was being kept by "Assad must go" forces in a prison near Damascus. 

Slouching towards Mecca 
The House of Saud, directly and indirectly, and the proverbial wealthy Gulf Cooperation Council donors are the Mom and Dad of ISIS. All duly vetted/approved by the industrial-military-Orwellian-Panopticon complex. 

And yet "Assad must go" had other ideas for Syria. He didn't go. He and his army resisted and counter-attacked. So the original mission in Syria morphed across the (non-existent) desert border towards Iraq. ISIS kept expanding - via extortion, kidnapping, captured oil fields, tribal smuggling networks.

The killer spoke with a British accent. Yet he may not be just a well-paid mercenary (500 from Britain, 700 from France, 500 from Belgium ). He's most certainly a true believer in the wider IS medievalist ideology as well as its no-holds-barred sectarian methods. 

How convenient that IS strategy is totally divide and rule. Totally balkanization of Iraq. Totally mum on Israel's slow-motion ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Totally useful in wagging the (beheading) dog to make the world forget about Gaza. 

Moroever, IS/ISIS strategy, stripped to the bone, is Pentagon manual; clear, hold and build - then expand (to an area larger than Great Britain). It's even Pentagon manual redux - as in building "coalitions of the willing" (see the alliance with "remnants" - Rummy talk - of the Saddam regime propelling their northern Iraq summer offensive.) 

How convenient that the mighty Orwellian/Panopticon complex satellite maze could not identify a long convoy of gleaming white Toyotas crossing the desert towards their summer conquests. And how convenient that a Briton beheading an American - what a "special relationship" plot twist! - fully sanctions the Return of Iraq Bombing ("for months", in Obama's words); more strikes; more drones; perhaps more boots on the ground; perhaps, in the near future, a Syria extension. 

IS also took over Tikrit, the birthplace of Saddam, in their summer adventure. Now Baghdad's military are trying to take it back. IS welcomed them with minefields, booby-trapped buildings, an array of snipers and hardcore mortar fire. How convenient that Obama's "humanitarian" bombs are not involved in R2P ("responsibility to protect") Saddam's birthplace. What really matters is the US consulate in Erbil, scores of CIA operatives and vast Big Oil interests in Iraqi Kurdistan. 

And then there's this ultimate plot twist; a pearl by a dissident Saudi researcher (in Arabic). He argues, in detail, that IS is essentially a revival of "pure" Wahhabism; not only that IS comes from outside the House of Saud's dominions - in Iraq and the Levant - but tries hard to shatter the monarchy's legitimacy. 

The House of Saud's counterpunch to the Arab Spring was (and remains) all about destroying or at least isolating the Muslim Brotherhood as an alternative Islamic rule/role model. Yet now comes IS - brimming with religious justification (however warped); military know-how; and an army of true - and well paid - believers.

Ride the king's highway, baby. No staged/not staged beheading could possibly top the ultimate blowback: the "West" nurturing the Beast who would slouch towards Mecca to finally behead the House of Saud. And those killers shall also speak with a British accent. 

Pepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007), Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during the surge (Nimble Books, 2007), and Obama does Globalistan (Nimble Books, 2009).

He may be reached at

The CIA's Cold War allies included the Zionists of Israel and the USSR by Wayne Madsen

The CIA's Cold War allies included the Zionists of Israel and the USSR

Declassified Central Intelligence Agency files spanning some five years in the 1950s point to Zionist organizations inside the Soviet Union as embedded agents for Western intelligence.

An undated formerly CONFIDENTIAL CIA memorandum from "Assistant Director, Special Operations" to "Assistant Director, Reports and Estimates" provides information on "Hashomer Hatzair." The group is described as an "international Zionist radical-socialist political party." The memo further states, "In January 1948 the Palestine or central branch of the party joined with the Palestine branch of Abdut Avodah (United Labor Zionist Party) to form MAPAM."  Hashomer Hatzair translates to English as "Young Guard."

The memo, which appears to have been written in the early 1950s, points out that in the January 1949 elections, MAPAM polled 14.8% of the vote, making it the second largest party in Israel.

Hashomer Hatzai pushed for collectivized farms, also known as kibbutzes, in Palestine as early as 1914, the same year that saw the beginning of World War I. What the CIA documents reveal calls into question the widely-believed notion of "leftist" or "liberal" Zionism. The existence of leftist Zionism is a claim often made by Zionism's supporters to offset the argument that global Zionism is, in reality, a worldwide fascist movement.

Hashomer Hatzair, used by CIA as an intelligence network, has co-opted the fleur-de-lis symbol for the World Scouting Movement. The Zionist movement continues to claim socialist and Marxist credentials.

It is clear that the CIA saw Hashomer Hatzair as a potentially advantageous Trojan horse deep within the Soviet bloc, called the "orbit" by the CIA, that could be relied upon to provide intelligence to the West.

The CIA document states that Hashomer Hatzair, which maintained an office at 305 Broadway in New York, adopted a stance opposed to the "anti-Zionist" policies of the Soviet bloc. The leading critics of the USSR's anti-Zionist policies are listed as the top Hashomer Hatzair/MAPAM leaders: Meir Yaari, Jcob Hazan, and Mordechai Bentov.

A subsequent CIA document, formerly classified "TOP SECRET Security Information," suggests that Bulgaria, with the smallest Jewish population of the "orbit" nations, was the country that maintained the closest relations with Israel. The Top Secret document states that Zionists in the Soviet orbit maintained "Western contacts" and that one Soviet Jewish leader, Solomon Mikhoels [aka Milchoels] had contacts with the early CIA station in Moscow "outside inpost," meaning that Mikhoels's contacts with the CIA were restricted to U.S. intelligence agents outside of the actual CIA station at the U.S. embassy in Moscow.

Mikhoels, the director of the Moscow State Jewish Theater, was arrested by Soviet security police in 1948 on the orders of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Mikhoels's body was later dumped on a road outside of Minsk. Soviet authorities claimed Mikhoels was killed in a hit-and-run accident. However, based on the CIA document's revelations about Mikhoels's contacts with the U.S. embassy, the Soviet Jewish director and one-time actor was probably identified as a spy for the West.

The CIA document states "Mikhoels, a prominent Jewish leader who maintained contact with the West," died in 1948, the same year in which the Israeli legation was established in Moscow. There is also a clear indication by the CIA that Mikhoels maintained unauthorized contact with Israeli "diplomats" in Moscow. No sooner had Israel established a legation in Moscow in 1948, the Soviets discovered intelligence links between Israeli diplomats and Soviet Jews.

Solomon Mikhoels [far right], a darling of Soviet and Russian Zionists, was, in fact, a Western intelligence operative as revealed by CIA documents. Pictured above in the U.S. with Soviet Yiddish poet Itzik Feffer [left] and Albert Einstein [center] in 1943. Both Mikhoels and Feffer fell victim to Stalin's secret police, however, it is noteworthy that their cause has been taken up by leftist-turned-rightist neoconservative David Horowitz, proving the chameleon-like qualities of Zionists like Horowitz who easily change from left-wing to neocon and right-wing.

The CIA saw a great opportunity to create problems inside the Soviet Union. The formerly Top Secret CIA document states: 
"Concern over the fate of Jews in Orbit may lead to attempt to establish underground movement in Orbit." In fact, such an underground was established in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s by Soviet Jews like Anatoly Scharansky (now Natan Sharansky), a leading right-wing political leader in Israel today and a proponent of increased Israeli colonization of the West Bank with settlements.

Although the USSR was one of the first countries to support the creation of Israel, the CIA believed it was a way for Moscow to decolonize the Middle East. The CIA document clearly links Western and Israeli intelligence to Soviet Jews. The obvious links led to repeated expulsions of suspected Israeli spies from the Israeli embassy in Moscow.

The CIA flatly concluded that the Soviet actions were the result of "anti-Semitism," a canard still used today to describe opponents of Israeli activities.

The CIA file on Western and Israeli links with Soviet orbit Zionists, include a Soviet "New Times" article, dated January 21, 1953, that states the CIA's European Division director, an officer with the last name of Schwartz, was the main link between a "Joint Zionist Organization" in the United States and leading Soviet bloc Zionists. Schwartz was identified as having worked with a "Joint Zionist Organization" director in Budapest named "I. Jakobson," who was later expelled from Hungary for "spying and subversive activities." The Joint Zionist Organization described in the Soviet article matches up with the Hashomer Hatzair organization in New York, with which the CIA maintained links.

The Soviets had a healthy dose of distrust for Russian Zionists since the 1917 Russian Revolution. The Soviet article states, "all the Russian Zionist leaders who fled the country after the October Revolution -- Ruthenberg (a personel friend and close collaborator of Kerensky), Neidich, Margolin, Jaffe, etc -- entered the services of the [British] Foreign Office and the Intelligence Service."

The Soviet tract also describes how the deposed "Slansky gang" in Czechoslovakia was found to have been working with two former Israeli Ministers in Prague -- "Avriel (√úberall) and Kubovy" to commit acts of espionage and sabotage for the CIA.

Rudolf Slansky, who was Jewish, was the General Secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party. In 1951, he and his loyalists, were charged with being "Titoist" followers of the Yugoslav Communist leader Josip Broz Tito and working for Western intelligence. In 1968, during the Prague Spring, Slansky was rehabilitated. In 1989, Czech President Vaclav Havel, who also permitted global hedge fund mogul George Soros to establish various non-governmental organizations in Prague and permitted Radio Free Europe to open a major office in the Czech capital, named Slansky's son, Rudolf Slansky, Jr., as the Czech ambassador to Moscow.

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CIA intelligence on Islam: heavily-influenced by Saudis and Wahhabis by Wayne Madsen

CIA intelligence on Islam: heavily-influenced by Saudis and Wahhabis

A Central Intelligence Agency's "comprehensive" report on political Islam, titled "Islam and Politics: A Compendium," a formerly SECRET document issued in April 1984 during the Reagan administration, gets more wrong than right about the nature of radical Islam. At the time the report was completed, the CIA was using radical Islamist mujaheddin groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight a proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

One laughable statement in light of the rise of a number of Al Qaeda and subsequent affiliates and subordinates after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989 is the following:

"Although fundamentalist groups can cause national crises overnight with terrorist acts, they usually lose more than they gain as the government undertakes repressive measures against them."

That certainly was not the case with the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Al-Nusra Front and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria, ISIL in Iraq, and Ansar al-Sharia in Libya.

The CIA report then makes a statement that more resembles propaganda than in-depth analysis:

"Ruthless suppression has had its successes, most notable in the Communist states. Other secular states, such as Syria, Iraq, and Indonesia, have also found that repression keeps opposition manageable." The presence of a strong Islamist group in northern Sumatra is a direct outgrowth of a CIA-funded Sumatran secession movement directed against President Sukarno in the 1950s. The fact remains that it was the CIA that began backing fundamentalist Islamists in Iraq, Syria, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Bosnia, and other "secular" states, including more recently, Libya and Egypt. In 1984, the CIA ironically suggested that Islamist radicals could make gains from financial assistance provided by Muammar Qaddafi's Libya and the anti-Sunni Wahhabi government of Iran. In fact, it was neither Qaddafi nor Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini who supplied the radical Sunni groups with the bulk of their aid, but the CIA and its Saudi, Gulf Arab, and Pakistani allies.

The CIA also claimed "we know of no charismatic leader who transcends national lines." Of course, the CIA was then grooming Osama bin Laden as one such "transcendental" leader in Afghanistan. Bin Laden's rise to the leadership of Wahhabi Islam's most radical force, Al Qaeda, would also enable the rise of other transnational Islamist radical leaders, including Dr. Ayman Zawahiri, Al Qaeda's Egyptian number two; Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the one-eyed Afghan war veteran who leads Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb or AQIM; and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the ISIL or the "Islamic State."

The CIA report cautions against an "overreaction" by the U.S. of an Islamic resurgence. The report claims, "In most cases, governments probably will continue to co-opt the clerics and integrate Islamic resurgence in a fashion that will not harm U.S. interests." That prediction did not come to pass in Afghanistan, Syria, briefly in Muslim Brotherhood-ruled Egypt, and Libya.

The report does include an interesting reference to an active Muslim Brotherhood cell operating since 1980 in the Galilee region of Israel. Reports of Israeli connections to the battlefield successes of ISIL in Syria and Iraq may point to Israeli having co-opted the Muslim Brotherhood  and other Qatari- and Turkish-backed jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria. Although there have been reports of atrocities committed wholesale by ISIL of Christian, Kurdish, Yazidi, Turkoman, and Shi'a communities and shrines in northern Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan, there have been no credible reports of ISIL's defiling of Jewish shrines and cemeteries in regions conquered by ISIL.

The CIA's report is a typical agency product that lacks the key ingredient of "intelligence" in its formulation of an intelligence report. And it is noteworthy that at the time the political Islam report was created, current CIA director John O. Brennan was a junior ranking CIA officer responsible for collecting and analyzing intelligence on the Middle East.

Will the name "Brennan" eventually become a synonym for "incompetent" in the same manner that "quisling" now means traitor and "lynch," named for colonial Virginia judge Charles Lynch, means dubious executions by hanging, known as "lynchings?" Perhaps one day, a poor analysis job may be known as a "brennan."

Ronald Reagan's and Bill Casey's "Operation Cyclone" saw the CIA strengthen the most radical Islamist factions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. CIA documents show U.S. bias toward Islamist extremists.

The CIA took a hostile attitude toward the former People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen), which ultimately merged with North Yemen in 1990. The CIA was vexed that "the South Yemen radical regime has made only slight concessions to Islam and will continue to restrict fundamentalist activity." The CIA report had similar criticisms of secular, anti-Islamist governments in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Algeria.

As for the USSR, the CIA report gloats over early Islamist extremism in the central Asian Soviet Socialist Republics. The CIA appears to relish the following events:

  • March 1980: Riots in Alma Ata, capital of Kazakh SSR, when Muslims refused to let dead Muslims soldiers be buried in military cemeteries.
  • April 1980: Assassination of Sultan Ibrahimov of Kirghiz SSR by "Muslim nationalists."
  • Nov. 1982: Three days of violence in Muslim-dominated North Severo-Osetinkaya in the Caucasus, included ransacking of Communist Party headquarters.
  • Nov. 1982:  Authorities broke up a large-scale  Muslim publishing operation in Uzbekistan.
These events coincided with stepped-up CIA support for Afghan mujaheddin guerrillas. At the same time, Yugoslavia began experiencing subterfuge within its own Muslim population in Bosnia, all linked to foreign interests.

It would not be surprising if the CIA's fingerprints were on all these radical Muslim events in the Communist bloc. It would also be interesting to ascertain what CIA director Brennan [below right with his Saudi friend, Interior Minister Prince Mohammad bin Naif bin Abdulaziz] may know about Saudi "off-the-books" CIA funding for such operations by Langley's operatives that targeted the USSR and Yugoslavia.

Another formerly TOP SECRET CIA report, dated March 26, 1985, states that the CIA's mujaheddin resistance in Afghanistan was tightly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, including its operations in "Europe and the United States," all of which were supported by "the governments of the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE."

Chief beneficiaries of the Muslim Brotherhood's assistance in Afghanistan were the Gulbuddin Hekmatayar and Younis Khalis factions of Hizb Islami, the Jamiat  i Islam, and the Harakat-i-Inqilab, based in Peshawar, Pakistan.

CIA and Arab support for the Afghan mujaheddin was funneled through Pakistan's Jamiat i Islam fundamentalist group, whose leader, Mian Tufail, was identified in the March 1985 CIA report as a relative of Pakistani President Muhammad Zia Ul-Haq.

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U.S. intelligence link to Brazilian plane crash that killed presidential candidate by Wayne Madsen

 U.S. intelligence link to Brazilian plane crash that killed presidential candidate

The plane carrying Brazilian centrist, pro-business presidential candidate Eduardo Campos and his closest advisers, which crashed on August 13 into a residential area of Santos, Brazil, did not have a flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder, manufactured by a major U.S. National Security Agency contractor, was tampered with.

Campos was the candidate of the formerly leftist but now "pro-business" Brazilian Socialist Party. As with the British, Australian, and New Zealand Labor Parties, the Canadian Liberal and New Democratic Parties, and the U.S. Democratic Party, corporate and Zionist interests infiltrated the Brazilian Socialist Party and transformed it into a "Third Way" pro-business party.

It is clear that since disclosures of NSA spying on the e-mail and phones of incumbent Brazilian Workers' Party President Dilma Rousseff and her ministers, Rousseff's resultant cancellation of a state visit to Washington, and Brazil's hosting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and other BRICS economic bloc leaders, the United States has been trying to destabilize Brazil. The State Department and the CIA have been looking for weak links in Rousseff's Brazil to create the same conditions of instability they have fomented in other countries in Latin America, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, and Bolivia. However, Rousseff, who antagonized Washington by announcing in Brazil the establishment of a Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) development bank to compete with the U.S.- and European Union-controlled World Bank, looked unbeatable for re-election with Campos at the head of the Socialist Party ticket. That was the case until August 13 when Campos and his advisers were killed in the crash of their Cessna 560XL, killing all on board.

The crash advanced to the head of the Socialist Party presidential ticket Campos's vice presidential running mate, Marina Silva. In 2010, Silva received a surprising 20 percent of the vote for president as the Green Party candidate. Rather than run as the Green candidate this year, Silva opted to join Campos's pro-business ticket. Silva is now seen as the Socialist Party's best chance to defeat Rousseff for president in the October election. Silva, an evangelical Christian in a largely Roman Catholic country, is also seen as close to the global "civil society" infrastructure of "controlled opposition" groups financed by hedge fund master manipulator George Soros. As a leader of Brazil's Amazon rain forest protection efforts, Silva has been lauded by environmental groups funded by Soros's Open Society Institute. Silva's campaign rhetoric is rife with such Soros code phrases as "
sustainable society," "knowledge society," and "diversity."
Aircraft crash with Eduardo Campos Brazil
NSA/Soros handiwork may be involved with this plane crash scene from Sao Paulo state, Brazil.

Silva marched with the Brazilian team at the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London. Brazilian Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said that Silva's participation in the Olympics was approved by the British royal family and that she 
"always had good relations with the European aristocracy."

Silva is also more moderate than Rousseff on Israel's policies toward Palestine. As an Assemblies of God Pentecostal Christian, Silva is a member of a denomination that provides core membership for the worldwide movement of "Christian Zionists," who are as avidly as pro-Israel as the more strident Zionistic Jewish organizations, such as B'nai B'rith and the World Jewish Congress.

The Assemblies of God believe the following about Israel:
"According to Scripture, Israel has an important role to play in the end-times. For centuries Bible scholars pondered over the prophecy of a restored Israel. 'This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land.' When the modern nation of Israel was founded in 1948, and Jews began returning from all around the world, Bible scholars knew that God was at work and that we were very likely living in the last days."

In 1996, Silva was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, which was established by Goldman Insurance Company founder Richard Goldman and his wife Rhoda Goldman, an heir to the Levi Strauss clothing company fortune. In 2010, Silva was named by Foreign Policy magazine, edited by David Rothkopf, a former managing director of Kissinger Associates, to its list of "top global thinkers."

The full details of the cause of Campos's plane crash may never be known. Assisting in the investigation of the crash is the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration. NTSB and FAA investigators will assuredly be in-briefed and out-briefed by CIA officials stationed in Brasilia who will be eager to have a conclusion of "tragic accident" stamped on the final crash report.

The CIA has managed to cover up its involvement in other Latin American aircraft crashes that have eliminated opponents of U.S. imperialism in Latin America. On July 31, 1981, Panamanian President Omar Torrijos was killed when his Panamanian Air Force plane crashed near Penonom√©, Panama. After George H  W Bush's invasion of Panama in 1989, the Panamanian plane crash investigation documents held by the Panamanian government of General Manuel Noriega were reportedly seized by American military personnel and they disappeared.

Two months before Torrijos was killed, Ecuadorian President Jaime Roldos, a populist leader who stood up to the United States, was killed when his Super King Air plane, operated as a VIP aircraft by the Ecuadorian Air Force, crashed into
Huairapungo Mountain in Loja Province. The plane also carried the First Lady of Ecuador and the Defense Minister and his wife. They were all killed in the crash. The plane lacked a Flight Data Recorder, also known as a "black box." The Zurich, Switzerland police conducted their own investigation that discovered the official Ecuadorian government investigation was seriously flawed. For example, the Ecuadorian government report on the crash failed to mention that the
plane's engines were disabled before the aircraft plowed into the side of the mountain. 
As with Roldos’s plane, Campos’s Cessna did not have a "black box" flight data recorder. Moreover, the Brazilian Air Force announced that two hours of audio from the cockpit voice recorder on board Campos’s Cessna do not reflect the conversations between the pilot, co-pilot, and ground control on August 13. The cockpit voice recorder on board the ill-fated Cessna 560XL was manufactured by L-3 Communications, Inc. of New York City. L-3 is a major U.S. intelligence contractor that provides the National Security Agency with much of its undersea cable tapping capabilities through an NSA agreement with L-3’s Global Crossing subsidiary.
Although Brazilian presidential hopeful Campos was no enemy of the United States, his suspicious death a few months before the presidential election and replacement with a darling of the George Soros infrastructure, now poses an electoral threat to Rousseff, who is most definitely considered by Washington as an enemy. The U.S. and Soros have been looking for various ways to penetrate and disrupt the BRICS nations. The Soros/CIA attempt to advance Chinese Politburo member Bo Xilai into the Chinese presidency collapsed when he and his wife were arrested and jailed for corruption. With Russia and South Africa off-limits for any similar intrigue, India and Brazil are the focus for CIA and Soros disruption of BRICS. Although Narendra Modi's right-wing government in India is new, the early signs for BRICS disruption are encouraging. For example, India's Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj, as an outspoken and committed ally of Israel. Brazil under Rousseff is seen by the CIA and Soros as the best opportunity to insert one of their own, in this case, Marina Silva, into the leadership of a BRICS nation in order to exact a "Trojan horse" attack on the increasingly important economic bloc.

The plane crash that killed Eduardo Campos advanced a George Soros-funded operative closer to the Alvorada presidential palace in Brasilia.