Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trump won because small town America is dying By Wayne Madsen Report

Trump won because small town America is dying
By Wayne Madsen Report
The well-paid political pundits who live in uber-wealthy Potomac, Maryland and Great Falls, Virginia call it "fly over" country. It is the transcontinental swath of land that extends from rural Virginia, a two-hour drive from Washington, DC, to the small towns of eastern Washington and the decrepit border towns of southwest Texas. Fly-over land also includes all-but-vacant town centers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, and Georgia.

These blighted places on the map are where Donald Trump scored huge victories against the establishment Republican candidates who talk a lot but never deliver. These Republicans, the ones with the last names of Bush, Romney, McCain, Kasich, Fiorina, Rubio, and Cruz sold out middle America a long time ago to domestic and foreign special interests. These Republicans take their orders from Wall Street even as they made pitches for votes on Main Street.

Trump "trumped" his opponents because under the stewardship of the elitist Republicans, Main Street died. And if one doesn't believe Main Street, USA is dead, just take a drive to some of the blighted small towns and even larger cities across "fly over" country.

WMR recently spent some time in towns where contrivances like Wal-Mart (on whose board Hillary Clinton once proudly sat), Costco, and Amazon (whose owner also owns The elitist newspaper The Washington Post) have driven everything and everyone out of business.

Abandoned store fronts in Summerton, SC. The GOP and Democratic Party elitists and their Wall Street and globalist pals turned small town America into Junk Shop, USA.

Things are especially grim in the South, where the centers of small towns look like the movie sets of post-apocalyptic movies. Towns like Skippers, Virginia; Wilson, North Carolina; Manning, South Carolina; and others throughout the South were never even a thought among the Washington political class and the Wall Street investors when America's textile, tobacco, and manufacturing jobs were eliminated. These once booming towns are now decrepit monuments to America's industrial and agricultural zenith.

Left: Abandoned gas station in Gresham, South Carolina; right: Abandoned motel in Manning, South Carolina.

The people who live in these emaciated American towns, places like Summerton, South Carolina; Marion, Indiana; El Paso, Texas; and Callahan, Florida cast their votes for Trump because he offers something the candidates of the elite class could never offer: hope. When Trump talks about sanctioning American companies that move plants to Mexico and China, he receives an instant positive reaction from what the globalist politicians and bankers created: "Junk Shop, USA." Junk Shop is where people eke out a living on the gray economy, bartering for goods and services due to lack of cash. Junk Shop, USA is where antique shops and flea markets are the only real businesses left. As Trump would say, "It's disgusting!"

The Republicans and Democrats, owned and operated by Wall Street and the global bankers, turned middle America into a vast "Junk Shop" of antique stores, flea markets, people on food stamps, and meth addicts. Trump won in middle America because he convinced voters he will improve their status in life. Now, Trump must deliver.

The elitist court jesters like Jon Stewart and Greg Guttfeld can make all the fun they want of those "country rubes" who have voted and will vote for Trump in November. The last laugh, however, may go to Trump and his supporters when the population of "fly-over" country delivers its electoral votes to Trump in November. Expect some pundits to contemplate suicide as small town and rural America deliver to Trump the electoral votes of Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Arizona, Washington state, and Pennsylvania. And while the political elites of Potomac, Maryland and The Hamptons cry themselves to sleep on election night, the citizens of "fly-over" country will be having the ultimate laugh.