Friday, June 02, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT. Media being lazy and ignorant in coverage of Trump scandal By the Wayne Madsen Report

SPECIAL REPORT. Media being lazy and ignorant in coverage of Trump scandal
By the Wayne Madsen Report
The corporate media is being lazy and ignorant in its coverage of the scandal surrounding the Donald Trump administration and Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. The media would rather claim the scandal is all about Russia, when, in fact, it encompasses at least two dozen different countries involved in money laundering, registration of dummy corporations, and providing passports for key members of the Trump Organization and its criminal syndicate partner, the Kushner Companies.

The major reason why Justice Department Special Prosecutor and former FBI director Robert Mueller has tapped Andrew Weissmann, the chief of the Fraud Section of the Justice Department's Criminal Division, to assist him in his investigation of the Trump White House are the ties of the Trump and Kushner families to securities fraud and money laundering schemes. These operations involve interlocking real estate deals between the Trump and Kushner organizations and implicate not only Donald Trump and his son-in-law and presidential special adviser Jared Kushner, but also Trump's sons, Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump; Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump; and Trump's closest advisers, including individuals under congressional subpoena for the "Russia" investigation. The House Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed documents maintained by President Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen and Trump campaign spokesman Boris Epshteyn.

The "Russia" investigation is a misnomer. WMR has identified several nations other than Russia that are involved in varying degrees to the Trump/Kushner real estate empire. This combined family business powerhouse has used U.S. tax laws to either skirt the law or violate it completely. The Trump/Kushner enterprise has been the subject of numerous lawsuits. An examination of these suits reveals that the Trump/Kushner enterprise uses offshore tax havens, 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, bribes -- in violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act -- limited liability corporations, dodgy banking institutions linked to money laundering, and various "pay-to-play" schemes to increase their profits. President Trump recently relaxed the law on political activities that may be engaged in by 501(c)(3) entities like the Donald J. Trump Foundation and his daughter's Ivanka Trump Foundation, the latter having recently received $100 million in donations from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The following list is of the countries, in addition to Russia, that are linked to what can safely be called the Trump-Kushner criminal syndicate:

1. Albania                             61. Macao
2. Argentina                          62. Malaysia
3. Aruba                               63. Maldives
4. Australia                           64. Malta
5. Austria                              65. Mexico
6. Azerbaijan                         66. Moldova
7. Bahamas                           67. Monaco
8. Bahrain                             68. Morocco
9. Bangladesh                       69.  Namibia
10. Belarus                           70. Netherlands
11. Belgium                          71. New Zealand
12. Belize                              72. Panama
13. Bermuda                          73. Peru
14. Brazil                               74. Philippines
15. Brunei                              75. Poland
16. Bulgaria                           76. Portugal
17. Cambodia                         77. Puerto Rico
18. Canada                            78. Qatar
19. Cayman Islands                79. Romania
20. Central African Republic     80. St. Kitts and Nevis
21. Chile                                81. St. Lucia               
22. China                               82. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
23. Colombia                          83. Saudi Arabia
24. Cook Islands                     84. Serbia
25. Costa Rica                        85. Seychelles
26. Croatia                             86. Sierra Leone
27. Cuba                                87. Slovenia
28. Cyprus                             88. South Africa
29. Czech Republic                  89. Switzerland
30. Dominica                          90. Taiwan
31. Dominican Republic           91. Tanzania
32. Egypt                               92. Thailand
33. France                              93. Tunisia
34. Georgia                             94. Turkey
35. Germany                          95. Turks and Caicos Islands
36. Gibraltar                           96. Ukraine
37. Greece                              97. United Arab Emirates
38. Guatemala                        98. United Kingdom
39. Guinea                             99. Uruguay
40. Haiti                               100. Uzbekistan
41. Honduras                        101. Vietnam
42. Hong Kong                      102. Virgin Islands (British)
43. Hungary
44. Iceland
45. India
46. Indonesia
47. Iran
48. Ireland
49. Israel
50. Italy
51. Japan
52. Jordan
53. Kazakhstan
54. Kenya
55. Korea (South)
56. Kuwait
57. Kyrgyzstan
58. Libya
59. Liechtenstein
60. Luxembourg

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent interview that "patriotic Russians" may have been involved in conducting computer hacking of Democratic Party computer systems during the 2016 campaign, but this was a politically correct way of naming the "FSU Mafia" or "Former Soviet Union Mafia." The FSU Mafia is overwhelmingly Russian and Ukrainian Jewish. Putin keeps some of these gangster-oligarchs close in order to ascertain the nature of their operations and whether they adversely impact on Russian state security. Some of these same mafiosi figures are also close to the Trump and Kushner organizations. Consider that some of those tied to Trump and Kushner and are under investigation have similar names, for example, Boris Epshteyn and Boris Birshtein, the latter involved in the defunct Trump Tower project in Toronto.

Epshteyn's dubious business methods are summarized in a lawsuit brought in Houston against him and his business partner. [Click here for lawsuit download]

In addition to the over 100 countries in which the Trump Organization is active, Mueller and Weissmann are scrutinizing the databases of the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) to discover links between known Mafia companies and those under the Trump umbrella. Trump Organization companies include:
  • Sentient Jets LLC (Now/Known/As Trump Jets LLC)
  • T International Realty LLC (dba Trump International Realty)
  • The Donald J. Trump Foundation, Inc.
  • The Trump Corporation
  • The Trump Follies Member Inc.
  • The Trump Equitable Fifth Avenue Company
  • Trump 106 CPS LLC
  • Trump 55 Wall Corp
  • Trump 767 Management LLC
  • Trump 845 LP LLC
  • Trump 845 UN GP LLC
  • Trump 846 UN MGR Corp
  • Trump 846 UN MGR LLC fka 845 UN LLC
  • Trump AC Casino Marks LLC
  • Trump AC Casino Marks Member Corp
  • Trump Acquisition Corp.
  • Trump Acquisition, LLC
  • Trump Books LLC
  • Trump Books Manager Corp
  • Trump Brazil LLC
  • Trump Briarcliff Manor Development LLC formerly Briar Hall Development LLC
  • Trump Canadian Services Inc
  • Trump Canouan Estate LLC
  • Trump Canouan Estate Member Corp
  • Trump Caribbean LLC
  • Trump Carousel LLC
  • Trump Carousel Member Corp
  • Trump Central Park West Corp
  • Trump Chicago Commercial Member Corp
  • Trump Chicago Commercial Manager LLC
  • Trump Chicago Development LLC
  • Trump Chicago Hotel Member Corp
  • Trump Chicago Hotel Manager LLC
  • Trump Chicago Managing Member LLC
  • Trump Chicago Member LLC
  • Trump Chicago Residential Member Corp
  • Trump Chicago Residential Manager LLC
  • Trump Chicago Retail LLC
  • Trump Chicago Retail Manager LLC
  • Trump Chicago Retail Member Corp
  • Trump Classic Cars LLC
  • Trump Classic Cars Member Corp
  • Trump Commercial Chicago LLC
  • Trump Cozumel Corp
  • Trump Cozumel LLC
  • Trump CPS Corp
  • Trump CPS LLC
  • Trump Delmonico LLC
  • Trump Development Services LLC
  • Trump Development Services Member Corp.
  • Trump Drinks Israel Holdings LLC
  • Trump Drinks Israel Holdings Member Corp
  • Trump Drinks Israel LLC
  • Trump Drinks Israel Member Corp
  • Trump Education ULC
  • Trump Empire State, Inc.
  • Trump Endeavor 12 LLC
  • Trump Endeavor 12 Manager Corp
  • Trump EU Marks Member LLC
  • Trump EU Marks Member Corp
  • The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC (fka Trump University CA LLC)
  • Trump Ferry Point LLC
  • Trump Ferry Point Member Corp
  • Trump Florida Management LLC
  • Trump Florida Manager Corp.
  • The Trump Follies LLC
  • Trump Fort Lee LLC
  • Trump Fort Lee Member Corp
  • Trump Golf Acquisition LLC
  • Trump Golf Coco Beach LLC
  • Trump Golf Coco Beach Member Corp
  • Trump Golf Management LLC
  • Trump Home Marks
  • Trump Home Marks Member Corp
  • Trump Ice LLC
  • Trump Ice Inc
  • Trump Identity LLC
  • Trump Identity Member Corp
  • Trump International Development LLC
  • Trump International Development Member Corp
  • Trump International Golf Club LC
  • Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited
  • Trump International Golf Club Inc.
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower Condominium
  • Trump International Hotel Hawaii LLC
  • Trump International Hotels Management LLC
  • Trump International Management Corp
  • Trump Kelowna LLC
  • Trump Kelowna Member Corp.
  • Trump Korean Projects LLC
  • Trump Las Olas LLC
  • Trump Las Olas Member Corp
  • Trump Las Vegas Corp.
  • Trump Las Vegas Development LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Managing Member LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Managing Member II LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Marketing and Sales LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Member LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Member II LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Sales & Marketing Inc.
  • Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas Unit Owners Association
  • Trump Lauderdale Development 2 LLC
  • Trump Lauderdale Development LLC
  • Trump Management Inc
  • Trump Marketing LLC
  • Trump Marks Asia Corp
  • Trump Marks Asia LLC
  • Trump Marks Atlanta LLC
  • Trump Marks Atlanta Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Baja Corp
  • Trump Marks Baja LLC
  • Trump Marks Batumi LLC
  • Trump Marks Batumi Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Beverages Corp
  • Trump Marks LLC
  • Trump Marks Canouan Corp
  • Trump Marks Canouan LLC
  • Trump Marks Chicago LLC
  • Trump Marks Chicago Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Cozumel Corp
  • Trump Marks Cozumel LLC
  • Trump Marks Dubai Corp
  • Trump Marks Dubai LLC
  • Trump Marks Egypt Corp
  • Trump Marks Egypt LLC
  • Trump Marks Fine Foods LLC
  • Trump Marks Fine Foods Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Ft. Lauderdale LLC
  • Trump Marks Ft. Lauderdale Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Golf Swing LLC
  • Trump Marks Golf Swing Member Corp
  • Trump Marks GP Corp
  • Trump Marks Holding LP (FKA Trump Marks LP)
  • Trump Marks Hollywood Corp
  • Trump Marks Hollywood LLC
  • Trump Marks Istanbul II Corp.
  • Trump Marks Istanbul II LLC
  • Trump Marks Jersey City Corp.
  • Trump Marks Jersey City LLC
  • Trump Marks Las Vegas Corp
  • Trump Marks Las Vegas LLC
  • Trump Marks LLC
  • Trump Marks Magazine Corp
  • Trump Marks Magazine LLC
  • Trump Marks Mattress LLC
  • Trump Marks Mattress Member Corp.
  • Trump Marks Menswear LLC
  • Trump Marks Menswear Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Mortoaoe Corp.
  • Trump Marks Mtg LLC
  • Trump Marks Mumbai LLC
  • Trump Marks Mumbai Member Corp
  • Trump Marks New Orleans Corp
  • Trump Marks New Orleans LLC
  • Trump Marks New Rochelle Corp.
  • Trump Marks New Rochelle LLC
  • Trump Marks Palm Beach Corp
  • Trump Marks Palm Beach LLC
  • Trump Marks Panama Corp
  • Trump Marks Panama LLC
  • Trump Marks Philadelphia Corp
  • Trump Marks PhiladelPhia LLC
  • Trump Marks Philippines LLC
  • Trump Marks Philippines Corp
  • Trump Marks Products LLC
  • Trump Marks Products Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Puerto Rico I LLC
  • Trump Marks Puerto Rico I Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Puerto Rico II LLC
  • Trump Marks Puerto Rico II Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Punta del Este LLC
  • Trump Marks Punta del Este Manager Corp
  • The Donald J. Trump Company LLC
  • The Trump Marks Real Estate Corp
  • Trump Marks Real Estate LLC
  • Trump Marks SOHO License Corp
  • Trump Marks SOHO LLC
  • Trump Marks South Africa LLC
  • Trump Marks South Africa Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Stamford Corp
  • Trump Marks Stamford LLC
  • Trump Marks Sunny Isles I LLC
  • Trump Marks Sunny Isles I Member Corp.
  • Trump Marks Sunny Isles II LLC
  • Trump Marks Sunny Isles II Member Corp.
  • Trump Marks Tampa Corp
  • Trump Marks Tampa LLC
  • Trump Marks Toronto Corp
  • Trump Marks Toronto LLC
  • Trump Marks Toronto LP (formally Trump Toronto Management LP)
  • Trump Marks Waikiki Corp
  • Trump Marks Waikiki LLC
  • Trump Marks Westchester Corp.
  • Trump Marks Westchester LLC
  • Trump Marks White Plains Corp
  • Trump Marks White Plains LLC
  • Trump Miami Resort Management LLC
  • Trump Miami Resort Management Member Corp
  • Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck LLC
  • Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck Member Corp
  • Trump National Golf Club LLC
  • Trump National Golf Club Member Corp
  • Trump National Golf Club Washington DC LLC
  • Trump National Golf Club Washington DC Member Corp
  • Trump Ocean Manager Inc.
  • Trump Ocean Managing Member LLC
  • Trump Old Post Office LLC
  • Trump On the Ocean LLC
  • Trump Organization LLC
  • The Trump Organization, Inc.
  • Trump Pageants, Inc.
  • Trump Palace Condominium
  • Trump Palace/Parc LLC
  • Trump Panama Condominium Management LLC
  • Trump Panama Condominium Member Corp
  • Trump Panama Hotel Management LLC
  • Trump Panama Hotel Management Member Corp LLC
  • Trump Parc East Condominium
  • Trump Park Avenue Acquisition LLC
  • Trump Park Avenue LLC
  • Trump Payroll Chicago LLC
  • Trump Payroll Corp.
  • Trump Phoenix Development LLC
  • Trump Plaza LLC
  • Trump Plaza Member Inc. fka Trump Plaza Corp.
  • Trump Procida Fort Lee LLC
  • Trump Productions LLC (former Rancho Lien LLC)
  • Trump Production Managing Member Inc
  • Trump Project Management Corp.
  • Trump Properties LLC
  • Trump Realty Services, LLC (fka Trump Mortgage Services LLC (03) & Tower Mortgage Services LLC)
  • Trump Restaurants LLC
  • Trump RHF Corp
  • Trump Riverside Management LLC
  • Trump Ruffin Commercial LLC
  • Trump Ruffin LLC
  • Trump Ruffin Tower I LLC
  • Trump Sales & Leasing Chicago LLC
  • Trump Sales & Leasing Chicago Member Corp
  • Trump Scotland Member Inc
  • Trump Scotsborough Square LLC
  • Trump Scotsborough Square Member Corp.
  • Trump SoHo Hotel Condominium New York
  • Trump Soho Member LLC
  • Trump Toronto Development Inc
  • Trump Toronto Hotel Management Corp.
  • Trump Toronto Member Corp. (formally Trump Toronto Management Member Corp)
  • Trump Tower Commercial LLC
  • Trump Tower Condominium Residential Section
  • Trump Tower Managing Member Inc
  • Trump Village Construction Corp.
  • Trump Vineyard Estates LLC
  • Trump Vineyard Estates Manager Corp.
  • Trump Vineyard Estates Lot 3 Owner LLC (fka Eric Trump Land Holdings LLC)
  • Trump Virginia Acquisitions LLC (fka Virginia Acquisitions LLC)
  • Trump Virginia Acquisitions Manager Corp
  • Trump Virginia Lot 5 LLC
  • Trump Virginia Lot 5 Manager Corp.
  • Trump Wine Marks LLC
  • Trump Wine Marks Member Corp.
  • Trump World Productions LLC y LLC
  • Trump World Productions Manager Corp
  • Trump World Publications LLC
  • Trump/New World Property Management LLC
  • Trump Castle Management Corp
  • Trump Marks White Plains Corp
  • Trump RHF Corp
  • The Donald J. Trump grantor Trust – DJT is the Trustee Successor – Trustee is Donald J. Trump, Jr.
  • The Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust
And if the above list of countries and companies are not enough to examine, consider all the firms linked to Trump and Kushner that are being looked at by the Special Prosecutor and his staff. They are headquartered in a multitude of locations with some being mere fronts for shady characters who have bought Trump condominiums in New York, Florida, and other locations.

The Trump-Kushner enterprise has enabled wealthy individuals, some subject to Interpol arrest warrants, to establish residencies at Trump or Kushner properties. Trump's private clubs, including Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, are being investigated for "pay-to-play" racketeering schemes. In April of this year, two former presidents of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrana, each paid the $100,000 Mar-a-Lago initiation fee merely to be introduced to Trump to air their opposition to Colombia's peace agreement with the leftist rebel FARC group. The two presidents sought to bend Trump's ear prior to the president's meeting the following week with Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, who hammered out the peace agreement with the FARC through the good offices of Cuba. Florida Senator Marco Rubio was identified as an interlocutor for Uribe and Pastrana and he may also be subject to the Special Prosecutor's racketeering probe of Trump's business activities.

Companies linked to the Trump/Kushner criminal enterprise mostly bear nondescript names like Alferon Management, Trans World Metals, SDG Capital S.A., Eurasian Bank, Triadou SPV, S.A., Excel Venture I LLC, Bayrock Group LLC, FL Group (Iceland), Eurasia Resources Group, Olave Equities LLC (BVI), Lytton Ventures Inc., Westix Ltd., Arigon Overseas, Arbat Capital, Toromont Ltd. (Cyprus), Barlow Investing, Annex Holdings Ltd. (St. Kitts), Mission Capital LLC, Smetanka LLC, Strategy International LLC, Federal Bank of the Middle East (Cyprus), Colley International Marketing (BVI), Firtash Group DF Ltd., 1st Rate Investment, ME Moldova Enterprises AG, MAB International, Midland Resource Holdings Ltd., Seabeco Security International Inc. (Zurich), Kazbay, Azarpassilo Construction Company ((Iran), Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation (Tehran), and Inkombank.

Wealthy individuals, some of them on the lam from international law enforcement, have purchased Trump properties using corporate covers like Soho 311 LLC, Soho 3310 LLC, Soho 3203 LLC, K One Journal Square LLC, Baku XXI Century, and 65 Bay LLC. The Special Prosecutor is very likely looking at whether cash purchases of Trump and Kushner properties were first laundered and subsequently transferred to their respective businesses and/or Trump's political campaign coffers.

The Trump and Kushner criminal organizations have plenty to hide and Messrs. Mueller and Weissmann have their jobs cut out for them. WMR has attempted to draw the interconnecting relationships of the Trump-Kushner operations to the wider network of con men and foreign oligarchs. As seen in the photo below, it has been no easy task.

Because the investigations of Trump and Kushner are so complicated, the corporate media has taken the easy way out by calling the scandal the "Russian" affair. As seen from our report, Russia is but one of 102 nations and territories involved in the Trump and Kushner criminal syndicate. The scandal is a classic Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) case but the media would rather paint it as the plot of a James Bond flick.