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THE ROVING EYE - Pure War in Tehran By Pepe Escobar

Pure War in Tehran
By Pepe Escobar

I've just spent a frantic week in Tehran. Before departure, I had made a conscious decision; only one book in the backpack. Maximum concentration. I ended up choosing Pure War, the 2008 reprint by Semiotext(e) in LA of the 1983 Paul Virilio classic I had picked up at the revamped Foyles in London a few days back.

For a roving correspondent, going to Iran is always extra-special. Getting a press visa approved usually takes ages. This was my sixth trip - and I had no visa. Just a number, tied to a visa at the airport. Until the last minute, I thought I'd be deported from Imam Khomeini International - back to Abu Dhabi, which is now pretending to bomb The Caliph. Then, a small miracle; a VIP room, a visa in 10 minutes and the next I know I'm zooming into an eerily deserted Tehran at sunrise on a Friday, past the psychedelic space station decked in green that is Imam Khomeini's shrine.

Why Virilio? Because he was the first to conceptualize that with the explosion of asymmetrical warfare, Total War had become local - on a global scale. I expanded on the theme in my 2007 book Globalistan and in my writings. Washington and Tel Aviv had been threatening to bomb Iran for years. Virilio was the first to assert that "peace" merely extends war by other means.

May 1968 as a theatre of the mind - a theatre of the imagination. When society could be an artwork, a performance, with the crowds in the street as the chorus. The last creative reaction against consumerism. "Power to the imagination". 

A beautiful sunny morning in front of the Foreign Ministry compound. An exhibition/installation about the "imposed" - as it's widely known - Iran-Iraq war. A reconstructed minefield; a map of nations weaponizing Saddam; pictures of young fighters/martyrs who wouldn't have been older than 14. A theatre of painful remembrance. In late 1978, Tehran also had its crowds in the streets as chorus - against the shah. Khomeini was a reaction against consumerism; but was he "power to the imagination"? And then, all was engulfed in a theatre of cruelty - the tragedy of the "imposed" war.

War in the journalistic sense is national delinquency elevated to the scale of an extremely important conflict - It's the equivalent of the "tumults", as ancient societies called them. We can no longer even speak of wars, they are interstate delinquencies. It's State terrorism. 

In Tehran, my immensely gracious hosts were the organizers of New Horizon: the International Conference of Independent Thinkers. After plenty of twists and turns, the Foreign Ministry ended up also being involved. The conference issued a important resolution condemning ISIS/ISIL/The Caliph; Zionism; Islamophobia; sectarianism; and Washington's blind support for anything Israel unleashes over Palestine: Israel's national delinquency, or State terrorism. The conference also called for cooperation and understanding between the West and Islam: that implies a struggle against interstate delinquencies.

The best defense is to attack; and to attack you must have some ideas; right now there aren't any ideas. Imagination today is in the image, and the image is in power. There's no imagination for anything but the image.

I have to leave a fabulous open-air traditional Persian dinner to go to Press TV studios for a debate with notorious neo-con Daniel Pipes about ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. We surprisingly agree more than I would normally expect. Well, not hard considering the Obama administration's non-strategy "strategy"; an image (bombs and Tomahawks) fighting an image (The Caliph's carefully edited beheading show).

Meanwhile, President Hassan Rouhani's speech at the United Nations kept making waves; "Extremists threaten our neighbors, resort to violence and shed blood." It's "the people in the region who can deliver" in the fight against The Caliph. Rouhani was not exactly referring to the made in USA jets allegedly deployed by the Gulf Cooperation Council coalition of the clueless/cowards; the House of Saud, UAE, Bahrain and associate member Jordan.

In all my conversations, a consensus emerges; the power vacuum of post-2013 Shock and Awe and occupation led to the rise of al-Qaeda in Iraq and eventually ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. But even as Tehran and Washington may have flirted about a joint move against The Caliph, Washington then denied it wanted help and Tehran rejected it outright.

Still, what Rouhani said in New York kept echoing day after day everywhere in Tehran; weaponizing the "new" Free Syrian Army in Saudi Arabia, of all places, amounts "to train another group of terrorists and send them to Syria to fight". And Washington's "strategy" is further enabling hardcore Sunni dictators who've made their careers demonizing Shi'ites.

And then that other "unofficial" Caliph, neo-Ottoman Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stepped in; there would be no use of Turkish "territory" or "military bases" by the "coalition" if "the objective does not also include ousting the Bashar al-Assad regime". Who needs Caliph Erdogan to fight Caliph Ibrahim? Major General Qassem Suleimani, head of the Iranian Quds Force, can do it; his picture, side by side with Kurdish peshmergas, made a splash all over Iran when published by IRINN.

The cinema shows us what our consciousness is. Our consciousness is an effect of montage - It's a collage. There is only collage, cutting and splicing. This explains fairly well what Jean-Francois Lyotard calls the disappearance of the great narratives. Classless society, social justice - no one believes in them anymore. We're in the age of micro-narratives, the art of the fragment. 

The joy of Laleh park - a Persian park crisscrossed by stray Persian cats as well as accomplished volleyball and badminton players and pram-pushing families. That's where Arash Darya-Bandari, medievalist extraordinaire with many years spent in the Bay Area, gives me a crash course on the finer points of one of the great surviving narratives; Shi'ism and Khomeini's concept ofvelayat-e-faqih. In Pure Non-War terms, this was always supposed to be about social justice. And that's why it's unintelligible to turbo-capitalism.

The park as Agora; a garden of intellectual delights. Nearly all my top conversations took place walking across or around Laleh park. And then one night, I went for a solitary walk, just to find a revolutionary movie/performance on a makeshift stage, complete with a trench and mortars. An audience of a few solitary men and some scattered families. The cinema keeping the consciousness of the Iran-Iraq war alive.

The end of deterrence corresponds to the beginning of the information war, a conflict where the superiority of information is more important than the capability to inflict damage. 

The New Horizon conference could not but be about information war. The overall theme was the fight against the Zionist lobby. Everyone knows what the lobby means and how it operates, especially in the US. And yet, in my short interventions, at the Foreign Ministry and at the conference, I preferred to focus on its global financial/economic reach. Follow the money. That's the only way to pierce the lobby's seemingly invincible armory.

Another face of information war. Everywhere I went, I had the pleasure to see how Gareth Porter's book - Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iranian Nuclear Scare - was received as a blessing. The book was translated into Farsi by the Fars News Agency, in only two months, with meticulous care, and launched in a simple ceremony.

It's bound to become a best seller - as it conclusively proves, for instance, how the Iranian "plot" to equip missiles with nuclear warheads was entirely fabricated by the terrorist outfit Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and then handed over to the International Atomic Energy Agency by the Mossad. Contrast the respect shown to Gareth in Tehran to the wall of silence of its US reception - just another reflection of the 35-year-old "wilderness of mirrors" opposing Washington to Tehran.

Predictably, the usual illiterate morons in the US dubbed the conference as an "anti-Semite hate fest". Gareth was described as "an anti-Israel journalist" and myself as "a Brazilian anti-Israel journalist". Obviously the moronic inferno is not familiar with the concept of "foreign policy".

Space is no longer in geography - it's in electronics. Unity is in the terminals. It's in the instantaneous time of command posts, multinational headquarters, control towers, etc. Politics is less in physical space than in the time systems administered by various technologies. ? There is a movement from geo- to chronopolitics: the distribution of territory becomes the distribution of time. The distribution of territory is outmoded, minimal.

Time to go to the bazaar - the ultimate urban distribution of territory. At the main entrance, a gaggle brandishing calculators and pieces of paper is involved in an incredible racket. With Roberto Quaglia - author of a wicked debunking of the 9/11 saga - we joke this looks like a slaves market. Not really. This is nothing less than a futures market on the course of the rial. With the national currency fluctuating so much because of the sanctions - it lost three quarters of its value in the past few years - the chance to make a bundle is irresistible.

We meet the beautiful Zahra - she sells handmade towels but is essentially a killer fashion photographer. And then the ritual I've loved since forever; haggling for the perfect tribal rug. In this case, a Zaghol from the 1930s, never to be reproduced because the local nomads are becoming sedentary and there are no new weavers. A case of distribution of territory becoming the distribution of (lost) time.

The Pharaohs, the Romans, the Greeks were surveyors. That was geopolitics. We're no longer there, we're in chronopolitics. Organization, prohibitions, interruptions, orders, powers, structurings, subjections are now in the realm of temporality. And that's also where resistance should be. 

Which lead us, once again, to sanctions. Much had been made of what Rouhani told Austrian President Hans Fisher at the UN - about Iran being ready to deliver gas to the European Union. That's not happening tomorrow; the last figure I had, in Tehran, years ago, is that the country would need at least US$200 billion in investments to upgrade its energy infrastructure. Rouhani wasforced to clarify it. And Tehran won't sell itself to the EU on the cheap.

The end of sanctions is all about chronopolitics.

We have entered an age of large-scale terrorism. Just as we speak of petty delinquency and major delinquency, I think the same should be said of petty and major terrorism. ... The military-industrial and scientific complexes continue to function on their own momentum. It's a crazy engine that won't stop. 

Tehran thinks about the crazy engine all the time. I'm sort of "kidnapped" from a meeting and end up in a small think tank with a fabulous map on the wall detailing the US command centers. All the students are eager to know what the Empire is really up to with Iran.

A visit to the "nest of spies" - the former US embassy - is also inevitable. An apotheosis of 1970s technology - immaculately preserved like nowhere else in the world; radio equipment, proto-computers, telephones, telexes, rolodexes, a "forgery room" for fake passports. No wonder Washington could never recover from the loss of this sterling listening post of the whole Middle East. Will this building ever be a "normal" US embassy again? Someone should ask the hick Hamlet who almost turned into a mad bomber.

This is why the airport today has become the new city. ? People are no longer citizens, they're passengers in transit. No longer a nomad society, in the sense of the great nomadic drifts, but one concentrated on the vector of transportation. The new capital is ... a city at the intersection of practicabilities of time, in other words, of speed. 

The last day had to contain an epiphany. I waited for it all day long - amid myriad interviews and a fabulous Indian lunch in North Tehran with Gareth and Dr Marandi of the Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran; the ideal Platonic banquet of conviviality and intellect. Then, at night, a mad dash across town to the Rey shrine; working-class neighborhood, foundation stone of Tehran, one of the top pilgrimage sites in Iran alongside Qom and Mashhad.

Aesthetic illumination meets sensorial overload meets spiritual pull - with an extra kick because you're arguably the only Westerner in sight. Tens of thousands of pilgrims honor the death of Imam Ali's son-in-law. What's that thing about the death of grand narratives? Not in deep Iran.

And then it's all over, as in a Coleridge dream; did I dream this fleeting Persian interlude, or did Tehran dreamed a little dream of me? I'm back to my default mode - the essential passenger in transit; a nomad carpet, a backpack and a boarding pass. Next stop; a faceless city in an intersection of speed.

Pepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007), Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during the surge (Nimble Books, 2007), and Obama does Globalistan (Nimble Books, 2009).

He may be reached at

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Meet the U.S.-Israeli-Iranian "Beast of Ebrat" by Wayne Madsen

            Update 1x. Meet the U.S.-Israeli-Iranian "Beast of Ebrat"
The Jewish Holocaust industry is fond of sounding their shofars every time an aging German or Eastern European low-level concentration camp guard is discovered in South America or a small German or Austrian village. However, these self-appointed genocide avengers remain hypocritically silent when a Jewish prison commander and torturer is discovered, not hiding out in Argentina, but in the swank environs of Orlando, Florida.

Meet Parviz Sabeti, aka Peter Sabeti, a one-time director of Department III of the feared Iranian secret service, known as the Sazeman-e Attela'at Va Amniat-e Keshvar (Organization for the information and protection of the country) or simply, SAVAK. Acting as the Shah of Iran's eyes and ears in Iran, SAVAK agents received training from Central Intelligence Agency, British MI-6, and Israel's Mossad in all forms of intelligence tradecraft, including electronic snooping, counter-intelligence, and Sabeti's chief specialty, torture.

As can be seen from his last name, Sabeti is an Iranian Jew ("Sabeti" is derived from the Sabbatean crypto Jews of the Ottoman Empire who are also known by the Turkish name "Dönmeh") who not only served as the chief interrogator for the Shah in Tehran's infamous circular Ebrat prison, built by Germany's Nazi government in 1937, but was also on the payroll of the Mossad and CIA.

Plaque at the entrance of 6000 square meter Ebrat [left] where America's now resident torturer Sabeti plied his sadistic trade. Detainees sent to Ebrat, including current Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, had black hoods placed over their heads so they never saw, but felt, this descending ramp alleyway to the torture chambers [right]. The use of black hoods was commonplace in the CIA's rendition program. Photos: WMR

After a career of arresting and torturing loyalists of former Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq, ousted in the CIA's 1953 Operation Ajax coup, in 1978 Sabeti turned his attention to a restive group of Shi'a Muslim clerics who were rising in opposition to the Shah's increasingly dictatorial regime. The Shah ordered Sabeti to arrest and bring into Ebrat for "questioning" several hundred followers of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, himself exiled in Paris. Among those arrested were Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the present Supreme Ayatollah of Iran. Although Khamenei was imprisoned at Ebrat and not tortured, according to officials of the current Ebrat museum, the same cannot be said for hundreds of others brought to Ebrat by Sabeti's men. Many detainees were beaten on their feet, faces, and torsos, subjected to pins being forced into the quick of their fingernails and having their nails pulled out, repeatedly dunked into the prison's central water fountain, hanged upside down and beaten, forced into often heart attack-inducing stress positions, subjected to cigarette and lighter burns, and subjected to electric shocks to their fingers, toes, nipples, and testicles. The machine used for the electric shocks was the "Apollo," a black metal chair with a black metal hood used for head shocks that was manufactured in and exported to Iran by Israel.

Parviz Sabeti, the chief torturer under the Iranian Shah. He now lives in Orlando as a triple Iranian-Israeli-U.S. citizen. Sabeti is much worse than any low-level Nazi concentration camp guard ever deported from the United States. So, why is Sabeti still in the United States and not in Iran to stand trial for crimes against humanity?

SAVAK's infamous Israeli-made Apollo electric shock chair supplied to Sabeti's torturers by his Mossad friends [left].  Sabeti [second from left] with other SAVAK officials [right]. Photos: WMR.

Plaques honoring the victims of SAVAK's and Sabeti's torture are placed on bricks in the alleyway entrance of Ebra [left]. The prison cell where current Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei was held and questioned by the interrogators of Sabeti [right]. Photos: WMR.

Sabeti fled Iran after the Islamic revolution in 1979 and found sanctuary first in Israel where he became an officer of Mossad, and eventually, in Florida. Today, Sabeti lives in Orlando where he owns a building and development company called Paris Enterprises, Inc., which operates out of Post Office Box 536401 in Orlando with a principal address of 401 East Robinson Street, Unit 505, Orlando. According to Florida Secretary of State records, the registered agent for Paris Enterprises is Frank M. Townsend, Esq. of 520 W. Emmett Street, Kissimmee, FL 32741.

Among Paris Enterprises's officers is Pardis Sabeti, Parviz's daughter who is also an evolutionary geneticist at Harvard University specializing in the human genome, specifically, the migration of the Ebola virus from an animal genetic reservoir into humans. Another daughter, Parisa Sabeti has served as a director of the William J. Clinton Foundation. According to The New York Times, in 2009, Parisa married Ted Zagat, the vice president for franchise development and strategic partnerships at the Spanish-language Univision Communications and the son of the founders of Zagat's Survey of restaurants and hotels. The Boca Raton Resort and Club wedding was officiated by Cantor Debbi Ballard. Parisa is also listed as a principal contact, along with her Ebola virus specialist sister, of Paris Enterprises.Nasrin Ghaffarpour, who is also president of Paradise Eighty, Inc. and vice president of Florida Renaissance Corporation is listed as the Vice President of Paris Enterprises with an address of 5391 Vineland Road, Orlando. We will not hold our breath for the Simon Wiesenthal Center or the war criminal trackers of the Department of Justice to pay visits to these addresses.

Update 1x. However, WMR did pay a visit to both corporate addresses and discovered they were private residences.

Parvez Sabeti's address at the unnumbered 401 East Robinson address in Orlando. It is a residential condominium unit [left]. Ghaffarpour's address at 4391 Vineland is also a private residence [right].

Parviz Sabeti is a frequent guest on the Voice of America's Persian television service's "Ofogh" program.

The water pool at the center of the circular Ebrat prison where detainees were dunked into the water in order to give them the sense of drowning to get them to talk [left]. Detainees were shackled to the prison's iron grating where they were beaten; their screams were amplified by the amphitheater structure for all the other prisoners to hear [right]. Photos: WMR.

Photograph of Ebrat's mustachioed most vicious torturer, to the right in photo [left]. To his upper left is the Shah's son, a resident of California and Maryland, who has proclaimed himself the new Shah of Iran and is supported by the neocons and the CIA to one day return to Iran's Peacock Throne. If "Mr. Mustache" wasn't satisfied with a detainee's answers, he would be shackled to the iron grating [as depicted by the manikin at right] and beaten with truncheons or worse. Many detainees never made it out of Ebrat alive.  After the revolution, Mr. Mustache reportedly escaped to Britain with the assistance of MI-6 but he is said to have committed suicide in London. Photos: WMR.

The case of Sabeti was just one of the items discussed as the recent New Horizons conference in Tehran, at which this editor participated. Neo-con and Zionist organizations and press condemned the conference as a gathering of "anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists" and "holocaust deniers." It would be interesting to hear whether the Anti-Defamation League and its subservient media have ever called for the U.S. to deport Sabeti to Iran to stand trial for crimes against humanity. Or are such deportations by the United States only reserved for those who commit human rights crimes against Jews? Those shofar calls from the Jewish Holocaust industry every time a 90-something Nazi guard commander is discovered somewhere sound like the shrill blaring of hypocrisy.

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Commentary: Returning to the ZOG by Wayne Madsen

Commentary: Returning to the ZOG

After the Israeli and Jewish media in the United States launched a vicious attack on the speakers invited to speak at the New Horizons conference in Tehran, many of the foreign speakers discussed what sort of reception they would receive when they returned to their home countries. The American speakers, including this editor, were attacked for disloyalty in a press release issued by Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL). Kirk stated that "the conference’s participants promoted anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and Holocaust denial." The Washington Free Beacon, a website connected to neocon William Kristol, raised "concerns about how these citizens were permitted to travel to and from the unfriendly country."

In fact, the Iranian Interests Section of the Pakistani embassy, located on Wisconsin Avenue, does a brisk business in issuing visas for Americans to travel to Iran, a nation that lacks diplomatic relations with the United States. As for "unfriendly," Iran is anything but and it extended a warm welcome to every American who was invited to speak at the Tehran conference that covered issues from Palestine to ISIL.

Upon the editor's return to the United States from Iran on a flight from Dubai to Boston Logan, the anticipated "reception" by the Israeli-infused Department of Homeland Security and its component Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) divisions was the sum of all fears. When I handed my passport and customs declaration to the first agent, she asked about the purpose of my trip to Iran. After I told her that I was invited to speak at an international conference in Tehran and that I was a journalist, she barked into her radio, "Escort needed on 10." I was in line ten. After collecting my luggage, I was sent by a few red-faced agents bearing their unmistakable bar room "tans" common among the middle-aged male population of Boston to an agent who bore an amazing resemblance to "Cliff," the postal letter carrier who was always planted on a bar stool and swilling beer in "Cheers."

"Cliff," we'll call him, then subjected me to a battery of intrusive questions that I have not experienced upon returning to the United States in 40 years of foreign travel. At first, Cliff was the "good cop," inquiring as to how many books I had written, but the questioning then widened to include the names of the other Americans in Tehran. Of course, all of the names had appeared in a press release by the always-defamatory executive director of the Anti-Defamation League Abe Foxman along with a barrage of polemics by Foxman calling the Americans in attendance "anti-Israeli activists, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, and holocaust deniers." Journalist Gareth Porter was even singled out as a "Cambodian genocide denier," which was news to this editor who has long been familiar with the work of the one-time Vietnam War correspondent.

Editor receives award from New Horizons conference. At left is the thoroughly-charming and witty Islamic eschatology expert Shaikh Imran Hosein, who is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and who formerly presided over a mosque in Brooklyn. After 9/11, he asked for his congregation to pray unanimously for the perpetrators of 9/11 to be brought to justice. He then issued a call for Brooklyn's rabbis to follow suit with their own congregations. They refused. Hosein said the Prophet Mohammed foresaw a future alliance between Islam and "Rome" (in those days, the Muslims called the Church in Byzantium "Rome") that would fight to liberate Constantinople from the hordes of evil. It was the Ottomans who changed the name of Constantinople to Istanbul. Hosein says that if the Prophet called the city Constantinople, it was heresy for the Ottomans to change the name. Hosein said that the Koran predicts an Islamo-Christian alliance that will seize back the city from the Turks, the heirs of the Ottomans and restore the Eastern Christian Pope to his rightful place in the Hagia Sophia Cathedral, turned into a mosque by the Ottoman Sultan. The shaikh's interpretation of the Koran fit in nicely with this editor's explanation about the Turkish crypto-Jewish Sabbateans (or Donmeh) and the Wahhabists and Saud adherents being in the service of Talmudists, British Foreign Office agents, and later, Zionists. The discussion in Tehran had direct bearing on the Turkish, Israeli, Saudi, and CIA support for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) today. It's only too bad that the State Department didn't send some attendees to receive an important education about Middle Eastern history without the Zionist and neocon imprimatur.
The Americans' participation in the conference was even the subject of an October 2 exchange at the State Department between a reporter and department spokesperson Jen Psaki:

QUESTION: But have you seen this conference that the Iranians are putting on right now which is all about how Israel and the CIA conspired to – for 9/11 and all this --
MS. PSAKI: I have not seen reports of this conference. Where is the conference?
QUESTION: It’s in Tehran, I think. But there’s --
MS. PSAKI: Okay.
QUESTION: I’m just wondering if you guys had any --
MS. PSAKI: We will look into that.
QUESTION: -- thoughts about this. I mean, it’s sponsored by the government, clearly, so it – the Iranian Government. So it’s --
Cliff wanted to know the name of the travel agency that the New Horizons Iranian NGO used to book the flights. Lacking a piece of paper with the name, I showed him the itinerary in an email on my iPhone. He jotted it down. After telling me to wait, Cliff disappeared behind a locked door only to emerge again. Cliff asked,"Gee, my eyesight in so poor, I don't think I got the phone number of the travel agency right." I offered him a pen to write it down again since he said he left his in the office. He said, "let me just borrow your phone to take it back to the office to write down the number." Cliff was gone for about 15 minutes. It was clear that the contents of the phone were being uploaded to some government data vacuuming device. The only time something like that occurred with a computer in my possession was in 2002 at Ben Gurion Airport when an Israeli screener took my laptop away long enough to capture its hard drive content.

After more "small talk" from Cliff, I was permitted to repack my bags which Cliff had been kind enough to unpack, while leaving the contents all over an inspection table. However, some nicely-wrapped gifts I received from Iranian media organizations remained unwrapped by Cliff. As he escorted me to the exit, I asked him, "I still need my passport." He replied, "Didn't I give it back to you?" I said, "No." He went back into the locked office and emerged in a a few minutes with the passport. That was no accident and there was a clear message that passports and the right to travel abroad can be imposed by the government on its citizenry at any time.

TSA's calling card: ripped opened and damaged gifts. Ever wonder what American Gestapo agents would look like? In Boston, they are right off the set of "Cheers."

After remaining in Boston over night, I checked my bag into the Jet Blue counter at Logan. After opening the bag upon returning home, every gift had been opened with the TSA placing a tape bearing "Transportation Security Administration" on one of the gift packages. A few plastic boxes containing dried fruits and dates had been smashed by TSA. It was a reminder of the framed photograph of President Kennedy and Indonesian President Sukarno that I brought back to America in 2011. Someone with TSA at Chicago O'Hare Airport decided it would be nice to gouge out Kennedy's right temple with a knife. Kennedy was in a limousine after meeting Sukarno at Andrew Air Force Base. The president was in the same exact spot where he was sitting when he was assassinated in a carefully-contrived right-wing and Zionist coup d'etat on November 22, 1963.

Which brings us to the "ZOG." When I first heard the term, which means "Zionist Occupation Government," in 1999, I thought it was a silly polemic more in the domain of skin heads and KKK types. Based on what I experienced at Logan, the full court press for which Israelis at Ben Gurion and their contractors at Amsterdam's Schiphol have become infamous, I can no longer dismiss the idea that America has fallen under the control of a ZOG. To be harassed at the airport after a concerted campaign of the ADL and Israel and their mouthpieces, including the Jerusalem Post, Washington Free Beacon, Times of IsraelAlgemeiner, and other Zionist propaganda outlets, including, which couldn't even get the story about the Tehran conference correct. The website falsely reported that British historian Alison Weir, Franch-Cameroonian comedian Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala, and former Representative Mark Siljander (R-MI) were in attendance when they were not. Hopefully, BuzzFeed has learned its lesson from republishing press releases from the defamatory Anti-Defamation League of the infamous Jewish supremacist Abe Foxman.

The outcry from the Zionists and neocons over the Americans' appearance in Tehran was reminiscent of the pressure put on Public Broadcasting System travelogue host Rick Steves when he visited Iran in 2011 to film an episode of his widely-acclaimed program. Steves, who, like Mark Twain, advocates travel as the best education one can receive, was harassed after visiting Iran by the same deep-pocketed Zionist pressure groups who belched forth their trademark polemics over the New Horizons conference.

So, if you don't believe you live in a ZOG dictatorship, this is the first thing I saw after stepping off the passenger tram at Tampa International Airport:

When are we, together, going to defeat these occupying vermin and seize back our country, once and for all?