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CIA's fingerprints appear in Venezuelan election strife

CIA's fingerprints appear in Venezuelan election strife

Just as with the April 2002 coup strife in Venezuela, stirred up by CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency provocateurs in the oil workers' labor sector and in some parts of the military, the CIA is using a slightly different playbook prior to the April 14 election. The upcoming election pits Hugo Chavez's designated successor, Nicolas Maduro, against the Western- and corporate-backed candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski, the governor of Miranda state. 

There have already been clashes between "rent-a-mob" and "rent-a-parade" pro-Capriles student provocateurs and supporters of Maduro. The CIA and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and George Soros's Open Society Institute-funded NGOs also have their fingerprints on an increase in robberies of foreigners and others in poor barrios in order to hand Capriles a crime issue to exploit.

Student leaders led by Roderick Navarro have called for the resignation of Defense Minister Diego Molero before the election and banning Chavista civilian militia members from acting as poll watchers. The anti-government activists are attempting to portray the upcoming election as unfair, even though last October's election in which Chavez handily trounced Capriles was deemed free and fair by international election monitors, including the Carter Center led by former President Jimmy Carter.

It is never difficult to spot the CIA's fingerprints on its interference in the domestic affairs of other nations. Due to its roots in Ivy League collegiate secret societies -- the "cloak and gown" mystique -- the CIA throws operational security to the wind and in its braggadocio manner, prefers the use of symbols for its foreign escapades.

During the Cold War, the CIA favored a symbol from the Order of the Illuminati, the torch of Prometheus, the god the ancient Greeks believed stole fire from the heavens for the use of mankind.

Anti-Chavez demonstrators in 2002 with a favorite CIA symbol, the torch of Prometheus.
Not surprisingly, the long-serving president of the CIA-linked National Endowment for Democracy, Carl Gershman, began his anti-Communist activities on behalf of Langley as the executive director for Social Democrats USA (SDUSA), an ostensibly left-of-center party but one that was a front for the CIA among moderate leftists to derail the influence of Marxists and Communists in the Democratic Party and among the labor unions. The tell-tale sign of the CIA is seen in SDUSA's torch symbol (below far left), which it shares with CIA and CIA-influenced contrivances of the right-wing, including Freedom House, the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, Zaire's Popular Movement of the Revolution led by Zaire's CIA-installed dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, and a long-time nesting ground for far rightists and corporatist, the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Games. (below, left to right)

       File:Flag of Zaire.svgThe Olympic Flame arrives with 70 Days to go


The torch also appears on the logo of the 2nd Civil Affairs Company (above) that carried out Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS) operations in South Vietnam. In reality, CORDS was the CIA's Operation Phoenix, which carried out systematic assassinations of South Vietnamese village and religious leaders.  

Official Logo of the Labour Party (Malta).jpg
The Malta Labor Party also uses the torch symbol (above). In 1969, the party split with its internal communist sympathizers after the Roman Catholic Church prevailed on Labor to break from its more leftist principles. As a result of the split, the Malta Communist Party was formed but it never gained any political significance. Meanwhile, the Labor Party moderated its policies. The CIA was pleased at the success of its interlocutors in the Vatican. 

In 1972, Michael Oliver, a California Lithuanian Jewish real estate developer who ran an organization called the Ocean Life Research Foundation, and his friend Morris Bud Davis, a former project engineer for the defense contractor North American Rockwell, decided to establish a libertarian nation on some uninhabited South Pacific coral reefs that were claimed by the Kingdom of Tonga and always submerged at high tide. The King of Tonga, hearing of the scheme, laid claim to the Minerva Reefs and announced there would be no Republic of Minerva  -- a country with 60,000, built upon sea platforms, with no taxes, welfare, or subsidies -- in what were Tongan waters. A ship used by the American schemers, who attracted a lot of support from ex-CIA and Special Forces types, planted the Minervan flag and erected a stone edifice upon the reefs, One of Oliver's associates was former Office of Strategic Services (OSS) officerMitchell Livingston WerBell III, whose company, Military Armaments Corporation (MAC), developed the MAC-10 machine gun and silencers for machine guns. 

Soon after Minerva's flag was raised over the South Pacific, members of the Tongan Defense Force were sent to the reefs and tore down the Minervan flag and replaced it with the Tongan flag. 

['Republic of Minerva' 1972 (Tonga)]
The flag of the short-lived Republic of Minerva, complete with the sign of the right-wing, the torch.

Oliver and his group had tried a similar scheme before and after the Minerva operation. They tried to take over the British-governed Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean to establish a libertarian homeland. Britain rejected the deal. There were also attempts to foster secessionist movements in the New Hebrides and, after it gained independence, Vanuatu, as well as Abaco island of the Bahamas, the Azores, and the Isle of Man. There was also an attempt to buy the uninhabited Palmyra Atoll from the Fullard-Leo family of Hawaii. 

After the Minerva Reef scheme failed, Oliver and his pals, who included international economic adviser Harry Schultz, the author and distributor the International Harry Schultz Letter on investing, established the Phoenix Foundation in search of a libertarian Shangri-la, Oliver and his colleagues attracted new fans, beyond the CIA agents and mercenary types. Among their new-found supporters were Sir Keith Joseph, the English Jewish Tory, cabinet minister, and follower of the policies of "Chicago School" economist Milton Friedman. Even the "Iron Lady," herself, was a fan of Schultz's libertarian and tax-avoidance schemes. Other fans included apartheid South African finance minister and adviser to the government of Lesotho Owen Horwood and Saudi Oil Minister Ahmed Zaki Yamani.

WerBell's and Oliver's plan to get Abaco to secede from the Bahamas in 1973 was as much a failure as Schultz's and Oliver's attempt to have the Na-Griamel Federation, based on Espiritu Santo and nearby islands, secede from the New Hebrides in 1975. The Americans minted coins for the Na-Griamel Federation and has passports printed up. They even lobbied the United Nations to consider the Na-Griamel cause. After Na-Griamel failed, the American hucksters tried again, in 1980, when they had the Republic of Vemarana declared on the island of Espiritu Santo. There was evidence that the Vemerana rebellion involved elements associated with Israeli intelligence, especially when plans were discovered that Vemerana consulates were to be established in Israel and a major center for the international diamond trade, Belgium. Independent Vanuatu crushed the rebellion with the assistance of troops from Papua New Guinea.

Eventually, in 2000, Israel gained a foothold on Vanuatu when former Israel Defense Force Major General Daniel Rothschild was appointed Vanuatu's honorary consul in Tel Aviv.

The torch appeared on the coinage of the short-lived Republic of Minerva.

If we follow the use of the Illuminati torch, it soon begins to appear in operations funded by both the CIA and the Soros operation, for example, various Falun Gong movements in China and around the world. One such operation was the "Global Human Rights Torch Relay" used by Falun Gong to highlight their repression in China a year before the Beijing Summer Olympics.

Global Human Rights Torch Relay symbol. (CIPFG)
A Soros-funded operation and the "torch."

CIA and Soros-funded street action and other political movements today can be detected based on the symbols used. The torch is one sure sign of such influence, as is the clenched fist, a common sight in Soros-organized themed revolutions and protests around the world.

The OTPOR! clenched fist logo is fast replacing the torch as the favored psychological operation symbol used by the CIA to incite street rebellions. OTPOR and OTPOR-trained provocateurs have used the bible for insurrections that was written by Gene Sharp of the Albert Einstein Institution ever since the overthrow of the Serbian government. George Soros's OSI and NED fund many of the actions of OTPOR and its spin-offs, including the Center for Applied Non Violent Actions and Strategies (CANVAS), around the world. Soros operatives also co-opted parts of the anti-Wall Street Occupy movement. In effect, Soros, a billionaire hedge fund manager, simply appropriated a long-used symbol of the international socialist movement, for his own political goals, which just so happen to run
parallel with those of the CIA.
The clenched fist is still used by the Portuguese Socialist Party (above) even though it is now a pro-European Union advocate for the Soros- and corporate-supported Third Way movement of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.
Socialist Workers Party fist logo
The UK Socialist Worker's Party, a Trotskyite group, used the clenched fist symbol and referred to the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies as "state capitalists," playing into the hands of those who wanted to divide the Communist bloc at the height of the Cold War, a long-term goal of Soros. The party's long-time leader was 
Yigael Gluckstein, aka Tony Cliff, born into a Zionist family in Palestine. He emigrated from Palestine to Britain in 1947.

A number of neo-conservative leaders and pundits of today came out of "New Left" groups like the Students for Democratic Society (SDS), which was active in the 1960s and early 70s. The SDS also used the fist symbol.

Soros influence in the labor movement that sought to recall Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker is clearly seen in one of its symbols (above.)
File:FNB logo color small.pngThe clenched fist symbol has been taken up by various fringe single-issue groups like the vegan activist group Food Not Bombs (left) and the environmental activist group Earth First (right).
File:April 6 Youth Movement.jpg
Soros's influence was seen in the Egyptian revolution and the symbol for the April 6 Movement of mostly young people using social networking technology. The revolution resulted in a Muslim Brotherhood-led government in Egypt.
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Soros-funded provocateurs aim to reverse the course of progressive nationalism in Latin America by cooperating with it in a deadly embrace. Venezuela's Capriles is trying to convince voters that he is a social democrat when, in reality, he intends to put Venezuelans through the same meat grinder of global banker-dictated austerity that is squeezing the life out of many European nations. The above fist logo "counter-coup," has a map of South America in its embrace.
File:Flag of Kach and Kahane Chai.svg
Some observers point out that Soros's influence over the "clenched fist" movement worldwide is a mere masking of the actual influences behind these social activism operations. Above are the symbols of the radical right-wing Jewish Defense League (JDL) (left) and extremist Israeli party Kahane Chai (right), many sympathizers of which now dominate the new Israeli government.

In fact, the clenched fist is just as ubiquitous among the right-wing as it is among the nominal left. Below is the symbol of the European Defense League, a neo-Nazi group that is opposed to Muslims living in Europe. These Nazis work hand in glove with groups like the JDL.

Norwegian right-wing mass killer Anders Breivik also used the clenched fist salute in his trial in Oslo. His network was affiliated with the European Defense League and various right-wing Jewish groups opposed to Muslims in Europe.

You think there are no U.S. cancer weapons? Explain the massive paper trail.

No U.S. cancer weapons? Explain the massive paper trail.

WMR previously reported on the CIA's cancer weaponry program, scoffed at by White House and State Department officials when various Latin American leaders, including the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, suggested that the United States was using such weapons on progressive Latin American leaders.

WMR has uncovered additional evidence that the CIA and the Atomic Energy Commission engaged in research to cause cancer, sometimes using innocent and unwilling American citizens as test subjects. The State Department and White House denials over past U.S. cancer weaponry research falls flat in light of reams of documented programs that were designed to use radiation and cancer-causing viruses, known as oncoviruses, in covert operations against foreign government officials, armed forces, and even civilian populations.

On March 11, 2013, WMR pointed to the August 23, 1975 memo from CIA Deputy Director for Plans Thomas Karamessines to CIA director William Colby. The memo outlined how the CIA's Special Operation Division, a joint U.S. Army-CIA element at Fort Detrick, Maryland, was instructed to maintain a supply of toxins not included on the official Fort Detrick inventory list that was subject to President Richard Nixon's disposal order pursuant to the 1972 biological warfare convention. Concerned that Nixon's order might result in the destruction of the CIA's "germ supply," a contingency plan was developed to ship the CIA's toxins to Huntingdon Research Center at the Becton-Dickinson Company in Baltimore, a firm established in 1897 by Maxwell W. Becton and Fairleigh S. Dickinson. The company, now known as BD, specializes in injection and infusion products, including needles and syringes. Why was the CIA, anxious to hide its supply of dangerous toxins, select a firm that produces needles and syringes?

There was much more going on with the CIA in Baltimore than meets the eye. Under the MKNAOMI project, the CIA maintained what was known as a Biogen machine in Baltimore that was used to breed micro-organisms on a massive scale for use in bio-weapons. These included cancer-causing viruses and other deadly biological agents. The research was to have terminated in 1972, however, as we previously reported, the stockpile of CIA "germs" was moved to Baltimore, where the Biogen machine was also located. This, in itself, was a violation of the 1972 Biological Warfare Convention in place between the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union.

Ten years ago, the United States and Britain attacked Iraq over allegations that it possessed biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction. It did not. However, the United States likely continues to not only possess such WMDs but continues to refine them is more advanced weaponry, including clandestine means of delivery to human targets.

MKNAOMI research included the weaponization of hepatitis-B. Both hepatitis B and C are viruses that can cause hepatocellular cancer (liver cancer). The human T-lymphotropic virus can result in T-cell leukemia. Human papillomaviruses can generate cancer of the skin, throat, mouth, cervix, anus, penis, and lungs. It is noteworthy that Chavez's cancer began in his pelvic region. Also, Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpes virus may result in Kaposi's sarcoma and lymphoma and the Epstein-Barr virus can develop into Burkitt's or Hodgkin's lymphoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and B lymphoproliterative disease.

Some of the above viruses are associated with HIV/AIDS, which some African leaders, including former South African President Thabo Mbeki, former acting South African President Kgalema Petrus Motlanthe, and the late Kenyan environmental and political activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai claimed was a laboratory-manufactured virus designed to depopulate Africa. Former Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi, while not going as far as Mbeki and the others, did claim that there was a "political" angle to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. Political and labor leaders from across Africa, from Burundi and Burkina Faso to Comoros and Cote d'Ivoire, joined Mbeki, Motlanthe, and Maathai in subscribing to the belief that the deadly Ebola and HIV viruses were created in a laboratory

The first cases of HIV/AIDS were found in returning Cuban troops coming back to Cuba after fighting in the Angolan civil war against CIA-supported guerrillas with the UNITA faction of Jonas Savimbi. There is also some evidence that HIV/AIDS was developed earlier in experiments on the hepatitis-B virus conducted by scientists at Fort Detrick, Maryland and included creating a species-jumping virus that could spread from monkeys to humans.

African leaders suggested the CIA was using bio-weapons years before Chavez, Bolivia's Evo Morales, Cuba's Castro brothers, and acting Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro spoke of similar clandestine operations. The U.S. government and corporate media responded that Mbeki was a "conspiracy nut" in the same manner as they attacked the Latin American leaders.

Oncoviruses: they're not the typical James Bond type of weapon but they're as deadly.

Before the development of tasers, the CIA researched the development of controlled electronic shock weapons to cause incapacitation and heart attacks to victims. Other research dealt with weapons that would cause brain concussions, seizures, and other neurological disorders, resulting in strokes, cerebral hemorrhages, or death.

One of the first groups of guinea pigs used for the effects of radiation in causing cancer were the Marshall Islanders who were blasted with high dosages of radiation from atomic and hydrogen bomb tests in the Bikini Atoll. Downwind islanders on Rongelap, Rongerik, and Utirik atolls received heavy dosages of radiation and began to develop cancer. The CIA was anxious to exploit the research on the islanders for special weapons development. Much of this research was carried out under the unlikely aegis of the "Atoms for Peace" program, a cleverly-designed CIA and Atomic Energy Commission propaganda tool used to convince the public that radiation was a good thing.

The proposed Venezuelan commission that is slated to examine America's cancer weapons should find a wealth of information in documents maintained on cancer and the effects of ionized radiation found at Brookhaven, Argonne, and Oak Ridge National Laboratories and Atomic Energy Commission research files at Columbia, Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Tulane, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Yale, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Rochester. Farther afield, there were reports of CIA disease experimentation conducted on unsuspecting human subjects at the St. George's Medical School in Grenada and at the Jonestown commune in Guyana. In his book "Dr. Mary's Monkey," author Edward Haslam stated that the CIA had established 159 covert research centers, including the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans, where the agency conducted secret medical research, including cancer virus development.

However, knowing that the Obama administration is the most secretive in the history of the United States, any incriminating documents now available in public reading rooms, libraries, and accessible through the Freedom of Information Act may not be around for very long. Therefore, for the government of Venezuela and others who want the United States to make a full accounting on its use of biological and cancer-causing weapons, time is of the essence.