Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Clintons see Haiti only as a gold mine by Wayne Madsen

The Clintons see Haiti only as a gold mine
by Wayne Madsen
Another Haitian first round presidential election, held on October 25, has served to be another exercise in rampant vote tabulation fraud. Dr. Maryse Narcisse, the candidate of former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s political party, Fanmi Lavalas, has claimed that recent election was based on massive fraud by the Haitian government. The two people who benefit the most from Haitian election fraud and the continuation of lackeys of the United States as presidents of Haiti are Bill and Hillary Clinton.
In 2010, current president Michel Martelly claimed that his third place finish against the government-backed candidate in the first-round was the result of fraud. Martelly’s challenge was successful and he was moved up to second place finisher and in the final round he was elected president. In the most recent first round election, Martelly’s handpicked successor, Jovenal Moise, was said to have led with 32.8 percent of the vote, followed by Jude Celestin, backed by former president Rene Preval, with 25.2 percent. Third place finisher, Moise Jean-Charles, who is very popular in Haiti, was locked out of the final round.

The Clintons will do everything in their power to prevent Aristide loyalists from becoming president of Haiti. Aristide's anti-globalization policies are a direct threat to the Clintons' massive investments in Haiti.
Even though Mr. Clinton sent U.S. troops to Haiti in 1994 to restore the elected president Aristide, a Roman Catholic Marxist-oriented “liberation theology” priest who was overthrown in a September 1991 coup, Clinton’s 1994 military operation “Uphold Democracy” could be renamed “Operation Uphold the Clintons’ Wealth.” Clinton would soon double cross Aristide after it became clear that the Haitian president’s new party, Fanmi Lavalas, was heading toward the same left progressivism as Hugo Chavez’s Fifth Republic Movement, which was victorious in 1999. Clinton forced Haiti to undergo painful World Bank-imposed austerity measures, a virtual death knell for the hemisphere’s poorest nation.
In 1996, Preval, to whom Clinton took an immediate liking because of his commitment to privatize Haiti’s state-owned enterprises, was elected president to succeed Aristide. Aristide supporters in parliament clashed with the Preval loyalists. In 1999, Preval dissolved the parliament and ruled by decree for the remaining year he had in office. Preval’s actions were supported by the phony “pro-democracy” Clinton who, in 1999, was busy trying to restore his political capital after his impeachment by the House of Representatives in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, backed Preval’s unconstitutional actions.
In 2000, Aristide ran again for president of Haiti. The U.S. State Department, under Clinton’s longtime consigliere Madeleine Albright, backed Haiti’s opposition in boycotting the presidential vote, which clearly showed that turnout was over 60 percent and that Aristide won with over 92 percent of the vote.
After Aristide was overthrown in a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency-inspired and planned coup in 2004, Clinton ecstatically danced on the political grave of Aristide, who was exiled first to the Central African Republic and then to South Africa. In 2009, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is owned and operated by the U.S. government, appointed Bill Clinton as the UN Special Envoy to Haiti. Clinton ensured that the populist opposition loyal to Aristide, the man he helped regain office after the 1991 military coup, remain suppressed. Aristide was anathema to Clinton’s plans to squeeze every imaginable profit from the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.
Clinton was able to use the “peacekeeping” United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) as personal centurions to ensure that Clinton’s political and business cronies were not threatened by the populist forces of Aristide, who returned from exile to Haiti in 2011, and his Lavalas party. MINUSTAH forces targeted, and continue to target, Aristide forces in brutal attacks. Perhaps in keeping with the spirit of the sordid sexual deviancy history of the UN Special Envoy Clinton, MINUSTAH forces in Haiti were accused of various sexual crimes, including Uruguayan forces gang raping a Haitian teenage boy, a Nepalese soldier torturing to death a 16-year old Haitian boy, Pakistani officers raping a 14-year old mentally challenged Haitian boy, and Sri Lankan troops raping Haitian children. Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton ever mentioned these outrageous actions while the U.S. president served as UN Special Envoy. Topping off these MINUSTAH crimes was the introduction of cholera into Haiti by Nepalese troops.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried every trick in the book to prevent Aristide’s return to Haiti, including having President Obama apply pressure on South African president Jacob Zuma. These efforts failed. Aristide and his wife made a triumphant return to Haiti on March 18, 2011.
A year before Aristide’s return, in 2010, things got much worse for Haiti and Mr. Clinton was there to strangle the nation to an even greater degree. The 2010 earthquake decimated Haiti and killed some 300,000 people and left the country’s infrastructure in tatters. President Barack Obama, in a body blow to Haiti, Obama asked Clinton and former President George W. Bush, the president responsible for the 2004 coup against Aristide, to join Bill Clinton in Haiti relief efforts. 

Bill Clinton used the devastating Haitian earthquake, and, ironically, George W. Bush, to line his own pockets and those of his wife, brother-in-law, and other cronies with quake relief money.
Mr. Clinton launched the following high-tech appeal on the web site of his William J. Clinton Foundation: "Text 'HAITI' to '20222' and $10 will be given to the Clinton Foundation's Haiti Relief Fund, charged to your cell phone bill." Clinton also solicited for donations of up to $1000 for the Clinton Foundation's Haiti Relief Fund. Most of the millions of dollars Clinton and Bush raised in Haiti relief never made their way to the Haitian people but into the pockets of the Clinton family and their cronies in Haiti and elsewhere. The Clinton aid money that did reach Haiti was siphoned off to benefit not only Haiti’s wealthy elite but also wealthy businessmen from the neighboring Dominican Republic who were moving their operations into Haiti.
The CIA-linked U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and members of the Arkansas Rice Growers Association (ARGA), the latter political cronies of the Clintons, wreaked havoc on Haiti's once thriving rice growing business. Once a net exporter of highly-nutritional rice, a combination of USAID policies and one-sided Clinton-era trade deals destroyed the Haitian rice industry and made the country dependent on expensive and non-nutritional genetically-engineered bleached white rice from Arkansas agri-businesses. In 2008, the soaring price of rice worldwide and price-fixing by U.S. agri-businesses linked to Clinton resulted in food riots breaking out in Haiti. By 2010, the time of the quake, Haiti was already an economic basket case.
Just like old King Leopold, who prized his personal country Congo because of its immense mineral wealth, particularly diamonds and gold, the Clintons became highly invested in Haiti’s emerging gold mining industry. The Clintons’ investments in Haiti, which had long been protected by MINUSTAH, would soon be guarded by an Israeli company, HLSI, the vice president of which, Eva Peled, a former officer in the Israel Defense Force, also happened to be the chief executive officer of Geomines and vice president of the Mitrelli Group.
In October 2015, HLSI signed an agreement with Haiti’s government to provide land, air, and sea border security for Haiti. The Geomines/Mitrelli team are major investors in Haitian gold mining operations. To ensure it gained full access into Haiti, the Mitrelli Group lavished generous donations on the Clinton Foundation. One of Geomines partners in the Haiti mining operations, VCS Mining of Delaware, named Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, to its advisory board in 2013. Rodham received generous stock options in VCS that stand to make him millions of dollars if VCS strikes gold. VCS Mining’s president, Angelo Viard, has also contributed generously to the Clinton Foundation, as well as to Democratic candidates, including his advisory board’s newest member’s sister, Hillary Clinton. VCS just happened to have been awarded two gold mining permits by the Martelly government, the first issued by Haiti in more than five decades.
Haiti’s new private “army,” the Israeli firm HLSI, touts its capability to find land mines. However, the same thermal imaging technology can be used to find minerals like gold and diamonds. Hence, HLSI is concentrating its “security” efforts around Haiti’s gold mining operations.
Haiti is sensitive to the presence of Israelis in the country. Some of Haiti’s earliest slave owners were Jews, such as the Gradisse family of Cap-Haitien and Gonaives and Simon Isaac Henriquez Moron of Grand’ Anse, Haiti. Israel also secretly supplied weapons to the repressive dictatorships of “Papa Doc” Francois Duvalier and his son, “Baby Doc” Jean-Clause Duvalier. One of Haiti’s richest businessmen, Gilbert Bigio, a Syrian Jew who is also Israel’s honorary consul in Haiti, is more committed to helping Israel than his native Haiti. It was the Haitian elite, individuals like Bigio, who benefited from Bill Clinton’s earthquake relief money.
Supplementing the HLSI security protection for Clinton/Israeli business investments in Haiti are the armed guards led by Martelly’s son, Olivier Martelly. These armed thugs, reminiscent of the dreaded Duvalier-era Tonton Macoutes, are known as the “Galil Gang” because of the Israeli Galil guns they carry. In September 2015, Olivier was reportedly arrested by federal authorities in Miami on drug smuggling charges. However, the younger Martelly was said to have been quietly released after a flurry of phone calls were made that, according to Haitian opposition sources, may have involved pressure exerted by Bill and Hillary Clinton on the Obama Justice Department.