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Myths about Brexit and the EU By The Wayne Madsen Report

 Myths about Brexit and the EU By The Wayne Madsen Report
The upset victory of the Brexit campaign for the United Kingdom to withdrawal from the Europe Union has all the usual suspects pulling their hair, gnashing their teeth, clutching their pearls, and looking for the nearest fainting couch. The gloom and doom predictions that the world now faces an economic catastrophe are on the lips of George Soros-paid operatives and Wall Street con artists who have managed to book themselves on the blathering "news" shows found in the vast wasteland of cable television.

What eventually became the EU, the European Coal and Steel Community, was formed by six Western European countries in 1951. The organization was the brainchild of Robert Schuman, a French politician who swore allegiance to Marshal Petain, the French Vichy leader and ally of the mustachioed German ex-corporal. Schuman was later stripped of his civic rights for his collaboration with the hated German bosche. However, Charles De Gaulle restored Schuman's full citizenship, after which the old Vichy collaborator set about to create a modified version of the Third Reich, the European Union. And to complement his "Fourth Reich-Lite," Schuman advocated a military alliance to give it muscle. It was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Schuman served as a post-war French foreign and prime minister. Schuman's collaborators in his plan to create a federal Europe were fellow Frenchman and OSS/CIA asset Jean Monnet and German chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who, as pre-war mayor of Cologne and 
president of the Prussian State Council, provided the Nazis with various perks, including the right to fly Nazi flags from Cologne city flagpoles.

It is truly amazing to see so many "progressives" lament the UK's vote to leave an organization that was founded by Nazi collaborators and CIA agents-of-influence. There is nothing very democratic about a European superstate that dictates to French bakers how to make baguettes, Greek dairy farmers how to make feta cheese, and English pub keepers how to maintain a proper bar top.
One of the biggest misnomers being proffered by the pasty-faced chattering class is that the UK's Brexit vote is unprecedented. That is flat out wrong. The UK is the third country within the EU to vote to withdraw from the organization create to enable a kinder and gentler European Fourth Reich.

Greenland voted twice to leave the EU. The first vote was when Denmark, its colonial master, joined the EU in 1973. When Greenland achieved home rule status in 1979, it held another referendum and the outcome was the same: a flat no to EU membership.

In 2015, Greece voted by more than 60 percent to reject the terms laid forth by the EU for continued Greek membership in the eurozone. The referendum was a de facto rejection of the EU, which warned Greece that if it rejected the austerity terms for continued inclusion in the eurozone, it was tantamount to a withdrawal from the inner circle of the EU. The ersatz leftist SYRIZA party, created by Soros as a controlled alternative to his hated Communists, set about to accept the EU's draconian economic terms anyway.

The anti-Brexit campaigners also warned that the UK faced a break-up if there was a vote to leave the EU. The Brexit vote was 17.4 million, about 1.2 million more than received by the Remain campaign. The Brexit campaign received a little over a million votes in Scotland. So, while Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the UK, the 1 million votes against the EU in Scotland gave the Brexit campaign their comfortable lead nationwide. It is doubtful that a million anti-EU Scots will not make themselves heard if Scotland decides to break from the UK and apply to remain in the EU.

Some American media circles compared the Brexit campaign to the Donald Trump campaign in the United States. There is no comparison. Brexit racked up wins in several Labor strongholds throughout England and Wales, including northeastern England; Birmingham and Bradford, England; and Swansea, Wales. The victory for Brexit was not a right-wing victory but more like Trump and Bernie Sanders teaming up on a national ticket. As many anti-EU Laborites can be found in the UK as Conservatives. And they all turned out in force to upset the opinion polls that showed the Remain campaign ahead on the eve of the election. Tories and Labor, alike, do not trust their futures being decided by a bunch of faceless "Eurocrats" in Brussels, which also happens to be the pedophile capital of Europe.
Brexit and EU regulation: A bonfire of the vanities?
European Union: good riddance

There were published reports that Queen Elizabeth quietly supported Brexit. When the UK first joined the EU in 1973, the Queen's head of state counterparts were largely fellow monarchs like those of the Benelux countries, Denmark, Sweden, and Spain, or presidents who emitted regal airs, for example, Georges Pompidou and Francois Mitterand of France, Walter Scheel of West Germany, and Sandro Pertini of Italy. With the expanded EU, the Queen shares top billing with heads of state from eastern European countries who are glorified paper pushers, political apparatchiks, and dubious businessmen with links to local mafias. For Her Majesty to be considered an equal among such commoners is much too much for the longest reigning British monarch. Even if Scotland goes it alone, the Scottish National Party has vowed to keep the British monarch as the Scottish head of state. Queen Elizabeth, at least, will shine on her own as the head of state of a nation not subservient to a Polish bureaucrat, Donald Tusk, and a Luxembourgeois alcoholic political hack, Jean-Claude Juncker.

The only people who will be hurt by Brexit are the globalists, the ilk who gather behind closed doors at Bilderberg conferences and Davos forums and engage in homosexual-themed hazing activities at the Bohemian Grove. The Labor dandy Peter Mandelson tweeted that his post-referendum morning was the "worst day in post-war British history." Obviously, Mandelson forgot about the Suez crisis, several deadly Irish Republican Army terrorist attacks, and the London transit attacks of 2005. The always-revolting Tony Blair took the occasion for the Brexit victory to call out Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for his lackluster leadership in ensuring Labor support for the Remain campaign. Blair and his Blairites are now planning an intra-party coup against Corbyn, who actually believes in union rights and championing the cause of the working class.

German chancellor Angela Merkel, whose welcome mat to jihadist lotharios everywhere has put the safety of every woman and child in Germany and Europe at risk from sexual assault, waxed nostalgic about the 60-year old Treaty of Rome in the wake of the Brexit vote. Yes, the treaty crafted by the old Nazi collaborator Adenauer and his Vichy pal Schuman. Merkel, who once thought of herself as the next United Nations Secretary General, will soon be lucky to qualify as a Hamburg public toilet attendant.

Anti-EU political leaders in Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, and even Germany have taken heart in the UK referendum outcome. There are calls for similar referenda in their own countries. While pathetic individuals like Merkel, Mandelson, Blair, and others cry themselves to sleep over Brexit, the days of the Schuman-Monnet-Adenauer "Fourth Reich Lite" may now be nearing an end. Tomorrow's Europe will be one where a French President named Marine Le Pen, not an aged hausfrau like Merkel, will be calling the shots. No longer will migrant riff-raff be able to board a boat in Turkey and end up in Paris three days later. "Passeport s'il vous plaƮt," "Passe bitte," and "passaporta prega" will, once again, be welcomed comments on trains and at border stops throughout Europe.

The Brexit victory also demonstrates that Barack Obama's foreign policy has been an utter disaster. Obama interfered publicly on British soil in two British referenda: he supported the "Better Together" campaign in Scotland and the Remain campaign in the UK. Obama comes up a loser on both. A majority of the UK's voters showed they don't care what Obama thinks or says. The UK will leave the EU, Obama's friend "David" -- Tory Prime Minister David Cameron -- has resigned, and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has promised another Scottish independence referendum, which is expected to pass easily. Obama's military buildup of NATO against Russia is also in shambles, with leading politicians in Germany, Italy, France, Greece, and other countries tiring of the Pentagon's saber-rattling aimed at Russia. Obama is heading for an esteemed presidential ranking in the history books, right down at the bottom of the list, along with Franklin Pierce, Chester Arthur, and Millard Fillmore.

The people of England and Wales just voted to save European culture, religion, and civilization. As the election returns came in, it was refreshing, in an almost melodic way,  to hear "voting to leave are Stratford-on-Avon, Nottingham, Coventry, Dover, Neath Port Talbot, Cornwall, New Forest, Milton Keynes, Christchurch, Rugby, King's Lynn, Barrow-in-Furness, Isle of Anglesey, Maidstone, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Isle of Wight, Barking and Dagenham, and Stockton-on-Tees." Only those who believe these storied English and Welsh places are not worth saving from mosques, muezzins, and minarets are down in the dumps over Brexit. However, all throughout Europe, a majority of the population is celebrating the news from across the English Channel. As for the "progressives" who just love their globalization and "new world order," there are more Brexits to come: Frexit, Swexit, Grexit, Danexit, Portexit, Spanexit, and more. If they can't stand the thought of living in such a world, perhaps they should consider suicide and help make the world a better place.

US, Britain planned to blow up Middle East oilfields By Wayne Madsen Report

US, Britain planned to blow up Middle East oilfields
The world reacted in horror when Saddam Hussein ordered his retreating troops withdrawing from Kuwait to set fire to the oil sheikhdom's oil fields. However, according to recently released declassified files of the U.S. and British governments, the two allies planned to destroy the oil wells, pipelines, and refineries in the event of the Soviet invasion during the Cold War era. The authorization for the demolition of the oil capabilities of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar was contained in National Security Council memorandum 26/2 (NSC 26/2), signed by President Harry Truman on January 10, 1949. The operation also entailed the Central Intelligence Agency using the employees of U.S. and British oil companies in the Middle East to carry out the destruction of their own oil infrastructures in order to deny them to the Soviets. An NSC memo further describes the demolition and denial project.

NSC 26/2 was replaced by the Dwight Eisenhower administration, first with NSC 176and then NSC 5401. The Eisenhower administration changed the policy from destroying Middle East oil wells to capping the wells in order to have access to the oil in the future. There is no indication that the John F. Kennedy administration continued the plans to destroy and disrupt the Middle East's oil industry.

Although the U.S.-owned Arabian-American Oil Company (ARAMCO), headquartered in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, was part of the CIA's team that would help carry out the demolition, possibly with the aid of nuclear weapons, the Saudi government was not briefed on the plan. ARAMCO, a consortium of Standard Oil of New Jersey (Esso), Standard Oil of California (SoCal), Socony Vacuum, and Texaco, was opposed to the decision not to reveal the plan to the Saudi government because it feared the Saudis might nationalize the company if the operation's existence was leaked. Similarly, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company of Britain, which ran the oil industry in Iran, feared that not informing the Iranian government of the operation would jeopardize its assets in that country. In the end, ARAMCO and Anglo-Iranian were overruled by the CIA and British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6).

The smoking gun paragraph in Truman's destruction order.

The British dubbed their role in the operation "Plan NECKPIECE." The operation formerly carried the code word of SMARTWEED. MI-6 also gave the CIA responsibility for blowing up the U.S.-owned Bahrein Petroleum Company's infrastructure, even though Bahrain was then a protectorate of the United Kingdom. The British and Americans were to cooperate on the destruction of the assets of the joint U.S-British-owned Kuwait Oil Company. Britain had the role for destroying the Petroleum Development (Qatar), Ltd.'s oil assets. The American Oil Independent Company, which controlled drilling in the Kuwait-Saudi Neutral Zone, was also part of the destruction operation. MI-6 and the CIA jointly worked with the Iraq Petroleum Company to ensure the destruction of its capabilities. The Sidon, Lebanon terminus of the Trans-Arabian Pipeline, owned and operated by Tapline, an ARAMCO subsidiary, was also slated for destruction, as was an Anglo-Egyptian Oilfields Company refinery in Egypt. Although French oil companies co-owned with the British and Americans oil installations and field in Iraq and Qatar, there is no indication that the French were ever consulted on Anglo-British plans to destroy their petroleum assets in the Middle East. Among the installations to be destroyed were large British-owned facilities in Abadan, Iran and Kirkuk, Iraq. There were also U.S.-British plans to destroy pipelines in Jordan and the oil refinery in Haifa, Israel.

Sidon (Tripoli), Lebanon ARAMCO pipeline terminus on the Mediterranean Sea was slated for destruction by CIA teams working with oil company employees.
Although Secretary of State Dean Acheson was granted the discretion to inform Saudi King Ibn Saud of the demolition plans, Acheson refrained from doing so.

Formerly TOP SECRET British document outlining areas of responsibility for destruction of Middle East oil industry.

The Middle East oil denial operation was one of the most closely-guarded secrets of the Cold War.
To carry out the demolition, the CIA and their British counterparts were to assign "undercover" assets to oil companies in each of the countries involved. CIA officer George Prussing, who was undercover as an executive of Union Oil of California, helped draw up the demolition plan in cooperation with British intelligence, the senior executives of ARAMCO and other oil companies in the Persian Gulf region, and British Foreign Office diplomats assigned to the Middle East, including the British Political Resident in Bahrain.

Saddam merely carried out a plan in Kuwait that had been in the hip-pocket of the Americans and British for several decades.

When Saddam Hussein ordered the destruction of Kuwait's oil fields in 1991, there were suggestions that the act, itself, was a war crime. No such suggestions were ever made about the Americans' and British planned action to destroy all of the Middle East's oil fields being a "war crime."