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CIA big guns still aiming for Rousseff prior to second-round election by Wayne Madsen

CIA big guns still aiming for Rousseff prior to second-round election

After the corporate media and the CIA and George Soros manipulators tried to engineer Green Party-turned-Brazilian Socialist presidential candidate Marina Silva into the Brazilian presidency after the classic CIA textbook aerial assassination of Socialist Party presidential standard bearer Eduardo Campos, these same forces are at it again on behalf of Social Democratic Party candidate Aecio Neves. Neves finished second ahead of Silva, who came in third, in the first-round of the Brazilian presidential election that has seen the CIA, Soros, and the other agents of Wall Street try every trick in the book to ensure that President Dilma Rousseff fails to win a second term.

Even after the suspicious August 13 plane crash that killed Campos, who was running in third place in opinion polls behind Neves, and a series of contrived opinion polls that, Rousseff finished first in the October 5 first round election. That has sent corporate media outlets opposed to Rousseff's plans to create an alternative development bank among Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to compete with the World Bank into extreme propaganda mode with questionable polls suggesting that Rousseff and Neves are running neck-and-neck as the October 26 second round election approaches.

Neves's grandfather, Tancredo Neves, a left-of-center threat to the longtime military dictatorship, fell seriously ill just as he was to sworn in as president on March 15, 1985. Neves's illness resulted in his lackluster and more conservative vice presidential candidate José Sarney being sworn in as president. Tancredo Neves never recovered from what was said to be
diverticulitis and he died on April 21. Later, it was revealed that Neves had a cancerous tumor that was not discovered until it was too late. Rousseff's sudden illness after her October 16 televised debate with Aecio Neves alarmed a number of Brazilians who remember the fate of Tancredo Neves.

In addition to the Central Intelligence Agency arranging for convenient plane crashes such as those that killed Portuguese Prime Minister Francisco Sá Carneiro, Panamanian leader Omar Torrijos, and Ecuadorian President Jaime Roldos all within a six-month period between December 1980 and April 1981 [after the election of Ronald Reagan as U.S. president and the return to power within the CIA of George H W Bush's and William Casey's infamous gunslingers], the agency's Technical Services Division pioneered in the use of biological weapons, including cancer weapons, to assassinate its political targets.

In recent years, a number of Latin American leaders have been felled or have been stricken with cancer or heart attacks. The two most notable victims were Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Argentine President Nestor Kirchner. Kirchner's wife, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, was reported to have thyroid cancer, later denied by her spokespersons. The sudden onset of varying degrees of cancer also plagued such Latin American leaders as former Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo (later ousted in a CIA-engineered coup), Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (after he signed a peace agreement with the left-wing FARC guerrilla movement), former Brazilian President 
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and Bolivia's recently-reelected President Evo Morales.

Guyana's President Forbes Burnham died from throat cancer and Nauru's President Bernard Dowiyogo died from a sudden heart attack while being cared for in Washington, DC hospitals. Suspicions surrounded the two deaths at Georgetown University and George Washington Hospitals, respectively.

The CIA's macabre Jewish-Hungarian chief scientist Dr. Sidney Gottlieb developed a host of biological weapons for the CIA's MK-ULTRA program during his over 20 years of service with the agency. One was a biological toxin that was put inside a tube of toothpaste that was to be used by Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba and another was a botulism-infected handkerchief that was to be handed to Iraqi leader General Abdul Karim Kassem.

As for Aecio Neves abandoning the left-of-center credentials of his grandfather, this represents another aspect of CIA influence operations. Aecio Neves, who represents the interests of Wall Street who dearly want to privatize the Brazilian state-owned Petrobras oil corporation, has been handsomely bought off by the same globalized financial interests who attempted to engineer Marina Silva into office. With her defeat, these same forces have rallied behind Neves.

It actually doesn't matter to Aecio that the CIA may have played a part in assassinating his grandfather. Omar Torrijos's son, Martin Torrijos, became president of Panama only to sign a pro-Wall Street free trade agreement with Washington. Martin Torrijos also gladly followed the global bankers' orders to increase Panama's retirement age and reform social security. Martin Torrijos also became a close ally of U.S. President George W. Bush even though Bush's father, George H W Bush, likely signed off on the CIA's operation to assassinate Torrijos's father.

George Soros's favorite Asian opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, does not seem to mind the fact that it was Soros's friends at the Office of Strategic Services/CIA who ordered British intelligence to assassinate her father Aung San. Aung San, a founder of the Burmese Communist Party, was slated to become independent Burma's first post-independence leader. Aung San was killed by terrorists working for pro-British former prime minister U Saw. The weapons for the assassins came directly from British Army Captain David Vivian, who managed to escape from a Burmese prison in 1949.

Canada's Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, has, unlike his father, warmed up to the United States, Wall Street, and globalization. Justin Trudeau and Aecio Neves are prime examples of how the CIA eagle will take under its wings the progeny of leftist icons to achieve its goals.

The CIA eagle will always try to grab up the progeny of leftist leaders by its talons.

President Rousseff's policies have created powerful enemies within the walls of the CIA in Langley, Virginia and among the board rooms of Wall Street and the West's most powerful corporations. She succeeded in proving the polls and pundits wrong on October 5 but October 26 remains yet another hurdle.

Chief Ebola scientist: Sings about Ebola but not about her father's crimes against humanity.

Chief Ebola scientist: Sings about Ebola but not about her father's crimes against humanity.

Imagine if one of the three major TV news networks in the early 1960s interviewed a physician offspring of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele on his or her work to eradicate polio. On October 16, CNN interviewed Harvard geneticist and Ebola species hopping expert Dr. Pardis Sabeti, the daughter of the chief Iranian SAVAK torturer and Mossad operative Parviz (Peter) Sabeti, on whose corporate board she serves as a member.

Normally, the sins of the father should not be automatically visited upon his offspring, however, in Dr. Sabeti's case, her association with her father's firm, Paris Enterprises of Orlando, which operates out of a post office box and two private residences, raises suspicions. Parviz Sabeti, the former head of SAVAK's Department III, is wanted in Iran for his executions and torture of detainees during the regime of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. What sort of odd interpretation of the Hippocratic Oath would result in Harvard's top Ebola expert having any form of business association with a documented torturer and executioner?

Dr. Sabeti has been in charge of teams sent to West Africa which have determined that Ebola has undergone 300 mutations in a short period of time. Sabeti told CNN that "it's frightening to look at how much this virus mutated within just three weeks." The Ebola-ravaged countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea have served as major nexuses for her father's friends at Mossad who have transferred weapons and mercenaries to the countries to foment civil wars and military coups all in the interest of securing Israeli access to the nations' natural resources of diamonds, gold, and other precious metals.

Dr. Sabeti predicts that Ebola could infect as many as 1.4 million people in Liberia and Sierra Leone by the end of January 2015. Such a deadly pandemic would severely impact the ability of both countries to secure their natural resources from unscrupulous vultures from Israel and the Hasidic-run diamond centers of Amsterdam and Antwerp.

CNN identified Dr. Sabeti as an associate professor at Harvard and a senior associate member of the Broad Institute, which is a joint activity of Harvard and MIT. The Broad Institute was founded by Eli Broad, chairman of the mutual fund firm SunAmerica and KB Home. Former IBM chairman Lou Gerstner, AmGen and Regulus Big Pharma board member Dr. David Baltimore, and Google chairman Eric Schmidt serve on the Broad Institute's board of directors.

Dr. Sabeti is also the lead singer with the alternative-rock band "Thousand Days." Sabeti and other nurses from West Africa have been singing at Harvard about Ebola, billed as a tribute to those who have died from the virus.

Computational biologist Pardis Sabeti (YouTube)

Daughter of Iranian SAVAK's chief torturer singing about Ebola at Harvard.

Dr. Sabeti's expertise is in mapping the genetic evolution of diseases such as Ebola from animals to humans.WMR has, in the past, reported on academic research that borders on malfeasance, such as the successful recombination of DNA from the deadly 1918 Spanish flu from a corpse of an Inuit girl in Alaska to form the H1N1 influenza virus that killed a number of people worldwide in 2009. That research involved U.S. government grants to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as dubious research conducted at the Army's dangerous Level 4 "bug lab" at Fort Detrick, Maryland, the U.S. National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. The chief promoter of resurrecting the Spanish flu, which killed 50 million people worldwide between 1918 and 1919, is Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka.Like Kawaoke, Dr. Sabeti has had a deep interest in the mutation of viruses and species hopping, especially from animals to humans. Critics have suggested that such research borders on biological weapons development, which is banned in the United States, Britain, and Russia by a 1972 international treaty. Of course, such treaties did not prevent Parviz Sabeti from subjecting his detainees at SAVAK's prison to certain "medical experiments," all overseen by Central Intelligence Agency and Mossad liaison officers.The actors and circumstances surrounding Ebola research in the United States appear to be no less suspicious than those involved with similar research on H1N1 and other deadly pathogens.

THE ROVING EYE - Do the Trans-Siberian shuffle By Pepe Escobar

Do the Trans-Siberian shuffle
By Pepe Escobar

A specter haunts the elites of the Empire of Chaos; the new Russia-China strategic partnership. It's manifesting itself in myriad ways - energy deals, investment deals, a closer political alliance inside the G-20, the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a concerted effort to progressively bypass the petrodollar. I have described this long process as essential to thebirth of the Eurasian century.

From a Washington/Wall Street point of view, it was so much easier in those long gone, unipolar, "end of history" days. China was still tiptoeing on the banks of the river of capital accumulation, and Russia was down if not out.

So allow me a flashback to the early 1990s. I had been on the road in Asia for months, from all points Southeast Asia to India, Nepal, the Himalayas and the eastern Chinese seaboard. Then I finally hit Beijing - waiting in the bitter winter of early 1992 to take the Trans-Siberian to Moscow. I was barely aware of the collapse of the Soviet Union - not exactly a news item in the Himalayas. I was also fortunate enough to be in southern China just a few days after Deng Xiaoping made his famous tour - whose key consequence was to catapult the dragon to dizzying development heights. A look back to those heady times may have the merit of illuminating our present.

All aboard the night train 
It's 8:32 pm in Beijing Railway Station, and the Trans-Manchurian Train 19 to Moscow is about to depart. It's minus 9 degrees Celsius. A bunch of Romanian crazies are trying to load more than 20 huge, vaguely green bundles stuffed with Made-in-China gear into one of the carriages. The Russian comptroller spouts out a "Nyet". Romanian chicks immerse in Transylvanic hysteria. Then a stash of George Washingtons changes hands at the final whistle, just in time for PLA soldiers and lady sweepers sporting the ubiquitous red armband with the words "Serve The People" to impassibly observe the happy ending.

A cacophony of Russians, Poles, Romanians, Czechs and Mongols has deployed dozens of bags, bundles and sacks to totally overload the train corridors. 300 kg of shoes. 500 kg of jackets. 200 kg of T-shirts. Thousands of beauty cream pots that will be all the rage from Bucharest to Cracow. A "bed" on the train is a concavity over one of the bundles. That will be story for six days, across over 9,000 snowy kilometers in the former USSR, now Russia, from East to West.

At the comptroller's compartment, more bags - whose content will be sold in the streets of Moscow. With so many George Washingtons in sight, the success of her bazaar is guaranteed - what with multiple stops on the way and an unregulated "free" market in every platform. The whole of Eastern Europe is loaded with stuff and dying to make a quick buck.

In the Chinese stretch of the journey, nothing happens, unlike the 1930s, when Japan occupied Manchuria, installed puppet Pu Yi on the throne and was ready to take over Asia. The Terminator action starts in Zabaikalsk, at the Russian-China border - after we cross a huge Arc of Triumph in cement, complete with Leninist motto and not-yet-destroyed hammer and sickle. Customs - on both sides - is absolutely deserted.

The train changes configuration to adapt to the new tracks. Yet all sights are set on the new dining car; exit Chinese, which only offered a miserable pork with soya sauce; enter Russian, crammed with goulash, soup, salami, frozen fish, black caviar, champagne from Crimea, coffee, eggs, even cheese - everything on the black market paid with US dollars.

With the border behind us, it's go-go bazaar time. Everyone freaks out, because we instantly move from Beijing time to Moscow time. Sunrise is at 1 in the morning. The black market is running at $1 = 110 roubles, the rouble in free fall as we cut through the sublime snowy infinite desert of the Siberian tundra, where each spectacular sunrise under a slight Arctic fog is an epiphany celebrated with more Crimea champagne.

Occasionally we spot reindeers or even huskies. The taiga - coveted by Japan, Korea and the US - is enveloped in snow. Beyond lay the ghosts of the 20 million corpses in Stalin's gulags, the hunters of the rare Amu tiger (fewer than 200 left) and the sinister Norilsk complex; 2 million tons a year of sulphuric acid and other heavy metals dumped in the atmosphere - the reason for that Arctic fog.

The train stops stretch for 15 and even 20 minutes, reaching a nadir in Novosibirsk and Perm, which previously housed a notorious gulag. At every stop, hordes of Russians in Genghis Khan mode attack the train with little plastic bags. The best deal in the Trans-Siberian is anoraks and leather jackets. Jao, from Beijing, sells 50 in three days, at up to US$50 each; she paid $20 each in the Beijing hutongs. The Russians buy everything in sight and sell roubles - now plunging to 160 to the US dollar - as well as vodka, beer, salami, champagne and local $1 Pepsi bottles.

The whole of Eastern Europe has taken over Train 19. Post-Ceausescu Romanians are the most exuberant - from former boxers to hookers to a seedy gangster in a tracksuit boasting about his two hours with a Russian doll for $10 (the going rate is $20). There's an Albanian contingent, young Polish students, shirtless Mongol nomads feverishly counting their profits, babushkas bored to death and even a loquacious Chinese dandy.

The Russian carriages, once elegant, are a mess: foul air, dense cigarette smoke, drenched in sweat, toilets crammed with sacks, and "Kapitan", the only waiter, trying to make a quick buck selling Soviet paraphernalia. I find it the ideal setting to devour almost 1,000 pages of Norman Mailer's Harlot's Ghost, a history of the CIA.

Blame it on glasnost
Train 19 is not only a bazaar but also a multinational Agora. Young Russians elaborate how the almost genius perversity of the Soviet system led it to boost to the limit all the problems of modern industrial societies - offering nearly none of its benefits. Eastern Europeans volunteer that it was not the Cold War that finished off "real socialism"; it was the invasion of the capitalist economy combined with the inefficiency and "stupidity" (copyright by a Polish undergraduate) of the socialist economy.

Russians say that glasnost finished off authority and perestroikafinished off the economy - and there was nothing to replace either. End result: physics graduates selling caviar tins in a moving train for survival. Everyone praises Gorbachev but essentially condemn him to a short historical footnote. In the train, I heard arguments that would be reproduced years later in countless US academic studies.

All the Trans-Siberian navigators exhibit a solidarity not to be found at the United Nations; they exchange currencies, swap addresses, lend money and the indispensable calculators, help to load and unload the loot, accept bundles in their compartment, offer their places for half an hour for those who only have the corridor to sleep, and crack jokes about the small Bank of China yuan bills. They are all ardent defenders of this unheard of form of direct democracy that is synonym with the end of the Cold War.

Amid the casino lurks the most improbable character: Lulu, a diminutive Bangladeshi, always attached to a Samsonite, dabbling in Allah-only-knows mysterious activities, passport filled with dodgy visas, Saudi Arabian included. Chinese and Russians treat him like an allergic Pekingese. Train chow is predictably unbearable for this strict Muslim, who wakes us all up everyday at 5 am with his prayers - Rashid Muhammad spends six days literally on bread and water.

Skolka? That's the Trans-Manchurian bazaar motto, a preview of Moscow. Pink Floyd launched the legendary Dark Side of the Moon at the height of the Brejnev era; Moscow suburbs look like the ghostly, dark side of the moon. Stalin's lunatic legacy is alleviated only by a solitary kiosk selling flowers, fruit or sweet Georgia brandy.

We arrive as zombies - and only a few hours late - at Yaroslavlsky Vakzal, one of nine Moscow train stations, where a deluge of Volga taxis fight for the precious Chinese cargo. Those moving on to Eastern Europe without a reservation are doomed: seats for Warsaw and Berlin are only available in 40 days.

In Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, I had witnessed the spectacular success of post-Tiananmen Chinese "market socialism", where the economy was the locomotive and politics was dispatched to the bottom end of the train. Nothing more astonishing than the contrast with Moscow, where politics was the locomotive.

I'm housed by Dmitri, an odontology student, three metro stops from the Kremlin, paying $6 a day, a small fortune; he and his girlfriend precariously subdivide the two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with a whole family, dog included, besides the occasional Western visitors, who sleep in the master bedroom. This is considered an upper middle-class lifestyle.

At the beautiful metro stations, it's the return of the Trans-Siberian bazaar; on sale are political or porno samizdats, second-hand clothes, bottles of every possible liquid. Only when I reach Red Square doI see the light; at the Himalayas and China, my time-zone was still on Gorbachev. What's now at the top of the Kremlin is a Russian flag - as well as in the center of Dzerzhinsky square, in front of the KGB. As a perfect idiot, I aim for the statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the former head of the Soviet secret police, only to be warned by a student that it had been torn down weeks ago. Gorbachev is now a vodka brand. And I can't get inside the KGB building.

The whole city is converted into a giant Turkish bazaar. After Boris Yeltsin liberated the sidewalks, everyone wants to exercise thisprivatizatsiya thing. Until 1990, nobody knew what a checkbook or a credit card was, and $1 was equivalent to 1 rouble. There are absolutely astonishing street markets on Prospekt Marka and Gorki street, everyone silently in line exhibiting their wares; a broken doll, a solitary shoe, dusty champagne bottles, perfume, instant coffee, sardine tins, an empty beer bottle.

The streets are filled with all the stuff brought by the Trans-Siberian navigators, but the supermarkets are empty. There's very little milk or meat, but lots of canned fish and interminable lines to buy nothing - with potential consumers resigned to play chess.

The biggest hit in town is the new McDonald's on Pushkin square - one of the busiest in the world, selling full meals for 50 cents by cashiers sporting an Eva Herzigova smile. In front of the MacD, a paper Gorbie poses for tourists, and a crowd sells caviar tins for $5 and champagne for $3. At the GUM department store, there is not much except a few Sony and Honda showrooms and a new Dior window.

The recent past does not let go; it's impossible to call Europe. It's impossible to send a fax from the Post Office. It's impossible to make a train reservation. It's impossible to make a plane reservation - at least on the Aeroflot shop in Lubyanka; only at the cavernous Intourist Hotel.

At the lugubrious ground floor of the Mockba Hotel, deaf and dumb characters straight out of an Ionesco play crowd the corridors while a beer black-market does brisk business in front of the hotel bar. A glass of champagne goes for 50 cents. At the hall of the legendary Metropol - the 1899 Grand Dame favored by Trotsky - a dry martini is a steep $7,70. The Metropol is the new Wall Street; Danes, Italians, Americans and Chinese discuss all deals this side of a Brave New World downing Heinekens at $5 a pop.

On Armed Forces Day, a Sunday, there's a communist demonstration, repressed with tact, boasting large numbers of old ladies carrying flowers and flags. For their part, Moscow punks with anarchist flags protest against the Armed Forces. A pre-historic Volga takes me to Sheremetyevo as if I was running from a 1950s Cold War B-movie set. The Volga gurgles, stops, cools off, runs, gurgles, stops again, cools off; a metaphor of the new Russia, and I almost miss Aeroflot SU 576 back to Paris.

Nothing will ever be the (unipolar) same 
Those were the days. That McDonald's - symbol of unipolar, "end of history", Pax Americana - has been recently shut down. It's harder and harder for the Empire of Chaos to rule the world alone while McDonald's serves burgers. Across Pushkin square, the fashionable Cafe Pouchkine now serves the best of Russian haute cuisine.

And still, both Russia and China are seen as pariahs by the unipolar, imperial elite. It's as if we were still frozen in those early1990s days. Russia and China may have changed almost beyond recognition - but for the Empire of Chaos the priorities are to tear Russia apart, starting with Ukraine, and "pivot to Asia" via an anti-China military/economic axis in the Western Pacific.

Meanwhile, the Trans-Siberian will soon be linked with the Chinese-driven New Silk Roads. And then one day in the early 2020s this will all be a high-speed rail network, linking Eurasia in a flash. And nothing will ever be the (unipolar) same. Except for the back-to-Russia Crimean champagne.

Pepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007), Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during the surge (Nimble Books, 2007), and Obama does Globalistan (Nimble Books, 2009).

He may be reached at

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THE ROVING EYE - A Caliph in a wilderness of mirrors By Pepe Escobar

A Caliph in a wilderness of mirrors
By Pepe Escobar

I'm aiming at you, lover
Cause killing you is killing myself 

Orson Welles (director), The Lady from Shanghai,1947

He's invincible. He beheads. He smuggles. He conquers. He's the ultimate jack-of-all-trades. No Tomahawk or Hellfire can touch him. He always gets what he wants; in Kobani; in Anbar province; with the House of Saud (which he wants to replace) trying to make Putin (who he wants to behead) suffer because of low oil prices.

If this was a remake of Orson Welles's noir classic The Lady from Shanghai, in the mirror sequence the lawyer (American?) and the femme fatale (Shi'ite?) would also get killed; but The Caliph of Islamic State would survive as a larger than life Welles, free to roam, plunder and "give my love to the sunrise" - as in a Brave Caliphate World shining in "Syraq" over the ashes of the Sykes-Picot agreement.

He's winning big in Iraq's Anbar province. The Caliph's goons are now closing in on - of all places - Abu Ghraib; Dubya, Dick and Rummy's former Torture Central. They are at a mere 12 kilometers away from Baghdad International. A shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile (or MANPAD) away from downing a passenger jet. Certainly not an Emirates flight - after all these are trusted sponsors.

Hit, in Anbar province, is now Caliph territory. The police forces and the province's operational command have lost almost complete control of Ramadi. The Caliph now controls the crucial axis formed by Hit, Ramadi, Fallujah; Highway 1 between Baghdad and the Jordanian border; and Highway 12 between Baghdad and the Syrian border.

The Caliph's goons are no less than taking over the whole, notorious Baghdad belt, the previous "triangle of death" in those hardcore days of American occupation circa 2004. Message to Donald Rumsfeld: remember your "remnants"? They're back. And they're in charge.

Both Ramadi and Fallujah have been reduced to an accumulation of bombed-out schools, hospitals, homes, mosques and bridges. Residential streets are virtually deserted. According to the United Nations, there are a least 360,803 internally displaced persons in Anbar, as well as 115,000 others in areas under The Caliph's control. At least 63% of the 1.6 million people living in the province are classified as "in need" - with hair-raising minimal access to water, food and health care, and receiving little to absolutely zero humanitarian support from that fiction, the "international community." US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power is not screaming her lungs out for R2P ("responsibility to protect").

How could the Pentagon's spectacular Full Spectrum Dominance possibly not see any of this happening? Of course they see it. But they don't give a damn. The Pentagon occasionally uses AH-64 Apache helicopters to attack some of The Caliph's goons in Ramadi and Hit. But Apaches can be easily hit with MANPADS. They are stationed at Baghdad International and their only mission is to protect the airport. Who cares about local, civilian "collateral damage"?

Married to the Mob
In Kobani, the former third-biggest town in Syrian Kurdistan, in the far northeast, The Caliph also wins big. Another biblical exodus has reached 300,000 refugees - and counting, with over 180,000 headed to Turkey.

The Caliph counts on indirect help from The Sultan (or alternate Caliph), aka Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Tehran is - rightfully - furious, as it sees the "West" - and Turkey - betraying the Kurds all over again. It's no secret Sultan Erdogan is doing nothing because he wants to screw the guerrillas of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Syrian-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD); let them die instead of repelling The Caliph and then be strong enough to threaten Turkish domination of those huge, essentially Kurdish patches of Anatolia. Thus the only thing Sultan Erdogan does support is aimless bombing by the Pentagon cum coalition of the clueless-cowards.

Anybody who believes the US Central Command's spin that House of Saud and United Arab Emirates fighter jets conduct "bombing raids" on the outskirts of Kobani gets a one-way ticket to Oz. Imagine these clowns being able to deploy precision-guided bombs or trained laser spotters. To start with, the Pentagon has zero local intel - as in zero operatives able to paint lasers on targets. Thus the "coalition" can barely hit the odd tank (out of 25 around Kobani) or Humvee out of 2,000 crammed in a valley for almost two weeks now.

But the "coalition" certainly is able - miraculously! - to hit Syrian state infrastructure, as in energy installations. In June, the official Pentagon excuse was, "We don't have any drone assets in Iraq." Now there's no excuse for drones which can read a "Smoking Kills!" warning in a packet of Marlboros not hitting The Caliph's assets in Kobani - or in Anbar province for that matter. So it's down to a mix of incompetence and neglect. It was so much easier to hit Pashtun wedding parties in the Waziristans. Especially because no one was paying attention.

Erdogan's own goons, meanwhile, have instituted a curfew on all major towns and cities in southeast Anatolia, and are even gunning down peaceful Kurdish protesters. Fifteen million Kurds in Anatolia cannot be wrong; Erdogan wants Kobani to fall. Ankara remains for all practical purposes the top logistical hub for The Caliph's goons. The Sultan is using The Caliph as a proxy army to smash the Kurds.

Terminal evidence has been offered by the leader of the Kurdish PYD, Salih Muslim, meeting Turkish military intel and asking for help. Conditions: abandon any hope of self-determination for Syrian Kurds; give up all your self-governing towns and regions; and watch as we install a Turkish "buffer"/no-fly zone inside Syrian territory.

Don't expect the Obama "Don't Do Stupid Stuff/We Have No Strategy" administration to sentence, "Erdogan must go". Besides, the pathetic club of National Security Advisor Susan Rice and her deputy Ben Rhodes has no clue about what's goin' on.

To the Green Zone!
Tehran, for its part, has clearly identified Erdogan's nasty game. The Sultan knows monster B1-B bombers flying over Kobani are absolutely useless - while The Caliph's goons deploy massive car bombs and keep advancing. "Boots on the ground" will be needed. Enter NATO asset Turkey. But with one condition: regime change in Damascus, or at least a prelude, via that "buffer"/no-fly zone over Syria.

The Big Picture remains the same. Sultan Erdogan and the House of Saud want regime change in Damascus (Erdogan dreams of a Sunni puppet as a vassal of Ankara; the Saudis want their own Wahhabi schemer). Israel merrily agrees. And if that comes with a bonus - attacking the new Iraqi government, still supported by Iran, in the American-made Green Zone - even better. The lowdown: "Don't Do Stupid Stuff" translates as the Gulf Cooperation Council, Turkey and Israel using Washington to advance their quite explicit agenda.

Sultan Erdogan, as a Mob boss, does seem to heave learned a thing or two from watching Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas. He's extracting the maximum pound of flesh from the bewildered "Don't do Stupid Stuff" team. The Sultan is boldly aiming at Turkish boots on the ground gloriously invading Syria in NATO "humanitarian intervention" mode. And all this sold as NATO offering "protection" to a member-nation. NATO's new secretary-general, former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, has just been to Ankara. Saudi Arabia has already "voted" out loud for the "buffer"/no-fly zone. Same for General Francois Hollande, that pitiful excuse for President of France.

Once again, it's Tehran to the rescue. The Foreign Ministry has duly announced Iran is ready to liberate Kobani from The Caliph's goons (and they can do it) if Bashar Al-Assad says the word. Now that's how you work the chessboard; NATO is left with zero excuses to mount an invasion of Syria, whatever Mob Boss Erdogan comes up with.

Operation Hands Off My Toyota
The Caliph also wins big in the "bleeding the Pentagon" department. A single US "strike" against his goons - involving F-15s, F-16s or F-22s - costs up to US$500,000. The Pentagon has just revealed it has spent no less than $1.1 billion against The Caliph since June.

What for? Virtually all the assets being destroyed by American bombing are made in the USA, deployed to the Iraqi army and then duly captured during The Caliph's offensive. So here we have the Empire of Chaos spending a fortune from the US Treasury to smash tanks, Humvees and other gear already paid for by American taxpayers. No wonder taxpayers are fuming. Thus Operation Hands off My Toyota.

Additionally, the Pentagon does not have a clue on how to build its Obama-designed proxy "rebel" force to fight The Caliph (with no US soldiers or marines; only fanatic Wahhabis and assorted mercenaries).

To start with, they have no clue who the hell qualifies as a "moderate rebel". The rabble must be "vetted" - and then sent to, of all places, Saudi Arabia for training. There the guy in charge will be - who else - a Special Ops honcho, Major General Michael Nagata. Even under the most optimistic scenario, the Pentagon won't have its proxy "moderate rebel" army on the ground in Syria before the summer of 2015.

Hefty bottles of Chateau Margaux can be bet that all this prime US weaponized know how will ultimately end up captured by The Caliph's goons. Same applies to reliable "rebel" intel on the ground.

But the real Dadaist masterpiece is that first these "rebels" will be politely asked by the Pentagon to forget about getting rid of Assad to fight The Caliph. At least for a while. Re-enter Stoltenberg, the new NATO head: "Next year, at the ministerial meeting, we will take decisions regarding the so-called spearhead but, even before it is established, NATO has a strong army after all. We can deploy it wherever we want to." OK, tough guy; why not "Syraq"?

If this all sounds like a plot straight out of hit series Blacklist, that's because it is. Why not get Red (James Spader) to fight The Caliph? And then again, what if Red is The Caliph? He pretends to fight himself - and he wins, handsomely. Back to Welles' The Lady from Shanghai: "Killing you is killing myself". Yet nobody could possibly want The Caliph dead when he's such a smashing, undisputed box-office success.

Pepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007), Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during the surge (Nimble Books, 2007), and Obama does Globalistan (Nimble Books, 2009).

He may be reached at

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Kill the Messenger" has an important message by Wayne Madsen

"Kill the Messenger" has an important message

The movie "Kill the Messenger" carries an important message about today's journalism. As pioneering investigate journalist Gary Webb discovered, news that exposes deep-seated government corruption is too important to be left to the corporate news's boards of directors, lawyers, or advertising managers. "Dark Alliance," Webb's San Jose Mercury Newsseries and later book with the same title on the Central Intelligence Agency's drug smuggling activities into the United States, are the most important contributions to investigative journalism in recent memory. Webb's series and book covered the time period during which President Ronald "Bonzo" Reagan and his astrologist-enchanted wife were uttering the words, "Just Say No to Drugs." 
The Pulitzer Prize-winning Webb received accolades from his Mercury News bosses and colleagues after he nailed the CIA and such Reagan administration officials as National Security Council "go-fer" Oliver North and CIA director William Casey for bartering cocaine from Central and South America for money to buy weapons for the Nicaraguan contras. However, Webb's fame was fleeting. After the CIA activated its journalist assets within the ranks of the Washington PostLos Angeles Times, andNew York Times, Webb was subjected to a barrage of ridicule and charges that he was a "conspiracy theorist" who made up the entire tale of the CIA pumping cocaine into Los Angeles and other cities to obtain massive amounts of cash to arm the contras.

Gary Webb: As much a victim of corrupt "journalists" as he was of the CIA.
Webb quit his job at the "Merc News" rather than subject himself to the paper's decision to print a retraction of his well-researched and well-sourced story. Once again, the always-dubious Wikipedia gets it wrong, dead wrong, in its false claim that Webb was fired. In the interest of full public disclosure, Wikipedia should carry the logo of the CIA to denote it as rank government propaganda outlet founded by a former Internet pornographer, Jimmy Wales.
Of course, Webb's CIA sources were largely off-the-record because of the dangers they would face if identified. This editor can attest to the type of harassment Webb received because I have received it myself from journalists who are actually nothing more than "court stenographers" who have not penned a story of any importance in their entire careers. The CIA developed the term "conspiracy theorist" in the wake of the John F. Kennedy assassination in order to dissuade any enterprising journalist from delving too deeply into the CIA's dark secrets. Today, the concept still prevails with the CIA actively supporting various fringe websites [we all know which sites we're talking about] that cater to UFOs, chemtrails, and Loch Ness and Chupacabra monsters that also lift, without permission, serious news stories to damage their credibility.
"Killing the Messenger" ends with a note about Webb's fate. The film's closing scroll states that Webb was found shot in the head twice on December 10, 2004 and that police ruled it a suicide. The film also erroneously states that Webb's career as a journalist ended after he left the Merc News. That is not correct. Webb worked for the alternative pressSacramento News and Review. It was while he was working on a state contract fraud story involving Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS) of Dallas, Texas prior to the 2004 election that Webb contacted this editor by e-mail.
I had been tracking down a story involving ACS, a Republican-owned firm, and its role in purging voter rolls of likely Democrats in 2004 in the same manner that Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris used Database Technologies Online (DBT Online), owned by Florida cocaine smuggler Hank Asher, to purge Florida voter rolls of Democratic voters in 2000, ensuring George W. Bush's election as president. Webb was intrigued with my leads on ACS and potential electoral roll scrubbing in various states. It is noteworthy that Asher died "peacefully" at his Florida home in 2013 from "natural causes."
Although Webb wrote to me that he was only interested in the fraud aspects of ACS and Sacramento's red-light camera system, which was illegally raking in huge amounts of money for ACS and Sacramento, I felt that he was looking into other aspects of the company that I was pursuing.
I informed Webb that my investigation was focusing on former Indianapolis Republican mayor Stephen Goldsmith, an ACS vice president, and his links with Mitch Daniels, Bush's director of the Office of Management and Budget until 2003. Although Daniels resigned his OMB job to run for governor of Indiana in 2004, his links to ACS and Goldsmith, as well as his ties to election manipulator Karl Rove, suggest that Daniels was doing more in 2004 than merely running for governor. And the Bush team was intent on keeping Kerry out of the White House at all costs.
After all, John Kerry, who, as chairman of the Senate Banking subcommittee in the 1980s was looking into the same CIA drug smuggling activities that Webb later nailed in the 1990s, would suffer the most from ACS’s purging of voter rolls on behalf of their big time GOP directors. Webb and I exchanged numerous e-mails on our investigation of ACS right up until the time of his death on December 10.
A week earlier, I published a series of articles on how the Bush family used drug money stashed overseas in bank accounts in the Isle of Man, Nevis, and other tax havens to pay for the foreign software programming support from Ukraine, Brazil, and other countries that flipped the 2004 election from Kerry to Bush, especially in the states of Ohio, Florida, and Nevada. Kerry's victory in any one of those states would have made him the president.
My sources on the story were also former CIA operatives involved in the 1980s drug smuggling activities. But they, like Webb's, insisted for reasons of personal safety to remain off the record. When the police discovered Webb's body in his home, after the journalist had complained to family and friends of massive government surveillance activities directed against him, I was subjected to a barrage of criticism over my stories about how the Bush administration and its CIA and Saudi friends paid for flipping the election against Kerry. I always had a thought that Webb, in his pursuit of ACS, had delved even deeper than I had on the 2004 election theft story. Rather than investigate "lightning striking twice," that is the second theft in a row of a presidential election by Bush cronies, the mainstream media viciously attacked me in the same manner they attacked Webb in the 1990s. My chief accuser, who claimed I made up the election fraud story, was MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann who published a screed about the story’s lack of proof on his MSNBC blog. I responded by telling the former ESPN sportscaster that he should stick with covering mindless football and baseball games and leave the job of investigative journalism to the professionals. Olbermann, ironically, was later dumped by MSNBC for not following the pre-approved commentary scripts from the head office. Other critics of the story were DailyKos and DemocraticUnderground, two alleged pro-Democratic Party websites but in reality nothing more than well-financed “controlled opposition” repositories of political pabulum.
Gary Webb, unlike the establishment “plants” who attacked him -- controlled journalists like David Corn of The Nation; Walter Pincus of theWashington Post [who was once on the CIA's payroll], and Tim Weiner of the New York Times -- thoroughly flushed out the back story. After their despicable treatment of Webb, no one should believe a damned word of what these three poltroons and their sell-out colleagues have written, are writing, or will ever write. Webb, unlike the do-nothing scribes of the "house organ" newspapers, actually performed "shoe leather" journalism, an art that self-important blatherers like Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer would never be able to perform away from their teleprompters and smart phones.

Although I never met Gary Webb personally, I was proud of the fact that he chose to contact me on a story about a corrupt government contractor, a story that likely had tentacles reaching as far into the White House as did Webb's "Dark Alliance" of the 1980s.

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Israel and its supporters ready the "Masada Option" by Wayne Madsen

 Israel and its supporters ready the "Masada Option"

An almost-always fatal viral epidemic spreading out of three West African nations where Mossad has historically been engaged in coups and civil wars in order to secure access to diamonds and gold for unscrupulous Israeli and European Jewish businessmen coupled with Israeli intelligence fingerprints on the murderous and mercenary-led Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has many Middle Eastern observers wondering aloud whether Israel has triggered its rumored "Masada Option." In 72 AD, 960 Jewish terrorists, known as Sicarii, rather than surrendering to Roman soldiers, committed mass suicide along with their families at the Jewish fortress of Masada. The "Masada Option" has long rumored to be Israeli state policy if the Jewish state's existence was ever threatened. Another version of the "Masada Option" is the Samson Option, Israel's first use of nuclear weapons against its opponents in the event it believed it was threatened with an enemy invasion.

WMR's discovery that Pardis Sabeti, the daughter of Iranian SAVAK chief torturer and Mossad asset Parviz [Peter] Sabeti, an Iranian Sabbatean Talmudist Jew, was instrumental in mapping the transfer of the Ebola virus from an animal genetic reservoir to humans has heightened suspicion that Israel is going for broke in launching a massive population-depleting viral pandemic while also sowing mayhem with the Israeli-nurtured and supported ISIL in its neighbors, including Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq.

The twin worldwide catastrophic events of ISIL's conquests in Syria and Iraq and the spread of Ebola appears to be a combination of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's long-held "Clean Break/Securing the Realm" policy of destroying the Palestinian movement while breaking apart Arab nations into warring factions and the "Masada Option" of bringing about a catastrophe, in this case a massive and deadly human pandemic, in the world.
Beware the Masada Option.

Israeli Zionist policies plunged the Jewish state's intelligence service and military into bloody civil wars in the three Ebola-affected West African nations. Always putting profits from precious gems and metals over human life, Israeli agents stoked the flame of inter-tribal warfare which resulted in massive ethnic cleansing during the Liberian and Sierra Leone civil wars. In 2007, after the Israelis supported Charles Taylor in Liberia and his marauding rebels led by Foday Sankoh in Sierra Leone, Liberia, under World Bank-installed Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, signed a diamond mining deal with the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) of Tel Aviv. IDI director Eli Avidar became an unofficial economic adviser to Johnson-Sirleaf. In a display of its underhandedness, Israel not only supplied weapons to Sankoh's Revolutionary United Front (RUF) guerrillas, who were known for chopping off the limbs of children, but also to the central government in Freetown. The weapons broker for the central government was Zeev Morgenstern of the Antwerp-based Rex Diamond Mining Corporation, an Israeli-owned concern. Meanwhile, Leonid Minin, a Ukrainian-Israeli Jew from Odessa, was supplying weapons to Taylor in Liberia and the RUF in Sierra Leone. Another Israeli, ex-Mossad mercenary Yair Klain, also supplied weapons to both sides in the Sierra Leone civil war. The intent was to destabilize Liberia and Sierra Leone in order to make the countries' diamonds ripe for Israeli picking.

Earlier this year, Israeli mining tycoon Benny Steinmetz was found by a Guinea court of inquiry to have committed bribery in order to win a lucrative iron ore mining concession for the country's massive Simandou iron ore deposit. Steinmetz's company, BSG Resources Ltd., also attempted to launch a coup d'etat against the present Guinean president, Alpha Condé. In 2013, the French newspaper Le Canard Enchaine reported in 2013 that Steinmetz was behind a coup attempt against Condé. Guinea arrested four Israeli mercenaries in Conakry, the Guinean capital, for trying to incite violence against Conde's government from the minority Fula tribe. As is typical any time a Talmudic Zionist is caught with his or her hand in the "cookie jar," Steinmetz threatened to sue Le Canard. However, Steinmetz and his team of lawsuit-happy lawyers piped down after Swiss police raided Steinmetz's Geneva home and a U.S. grand jury began an investigation of BSG Resources for bribery. Condé stripped Steinmetz and his firm of all mining rights in Guinea.

The lessons for Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea were stark. The people of these poor West African nations learned first hand the perfidy of the Talmudic Zionists, a 5000-year old suicide-homicide cult that believes that all non-Jews are chattel and sub-human species who are beneath the dignity of the "Chosen People" of the Hebrew god.

Now we have the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, which has killed as many as 5000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea and which has brought the economies of the three nations to a standstill. This week, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund hosted the presidents of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea -- Johnson-Sirleaf, Erbest Bai Koroma, and Condé -- in Washington to discuss how they would pay for the international aid arriving in their countries to combat Ebola. Undoubtedly, the central bankers will demand payment from the diamond, gold, and other natural resources of the three countries. And Israeli shylocks like Steinmetz and Avidar are surely standing by to descend on the pandemic-ravaged countries to begin picking the diamond, gold, and iron mines clean without adequate compensation.

Taking advantage of the global menace posed by Ebola, the Israeli-created and supported ISIL is now claiming to be looking for ways to use Ebola as a biological weapon. Most of the ISIL press releases are laundered through SITE, the Washington-based Search for International Entities run by Israeli-Iraqi-American Talmudist Jew Rita Katz.

Against the twin backdrop of Ebola and ISIL, WMR learned from European colleagues at the recent New Horizons conference in Tehran that Israel has placed its agents-of-influence in crucial positions in Western European governments and political parties. These include Spain's "left-wing" Podemos party leader Pablo Iglesias Turrion, who receives funding from Russian-Israeli-Spanish oligarch Vladimir Guzinsky and George Soros; Anne Gravoin, the wife of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, a Zionist Talmudist whose family originally hails from Moldova; French President Francois Hollande, who speaks some Hebrew; British Labor Party leader Ed Miliband who runs a pro-Israeli Labor Party network known as the "J Team;" Yoram Gutgeld, the Italian-Israeli chief financial adviser to Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi; Austrian President Heinz Fischer who lived on a kibbutz in the early 1960s; and Jordi Pujol, the former leader of the Democratic Convergence Party of Catalonia and advocate for Catalonian independence.

Ironically, the flies-in-the-ointment for Europe's Talmudists are two comedians who have apparently taken a page from Mel Brooks's strategy of fighting racism and xenophobia with comedy. Italian Five Star leader and comedian Beppe Grillo and French-Cameroonian comic Dieudonné Mbala-Mbala, have, through their comments about Israel, created a major headache for Europe's Israel Lobby. However, two comedian-politicians are no match for the massive psychological warfare operation that is taking advantage of the dual threats of Ebola and ISIL that is being carried out in Europe and elsewhere.

Thanks to Israel, the world has never before encountered such a dangerous time.