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More questions than answers in Brazilian plane crash by Wayne Madsen

More questions than answers in Brazilian plane crash

by Wayne Madsen
The August 13 crash of the Cessna 560XLS Citation aircraft, tail number PR-AFA, in Santos, Brazil, which killed pro-business Brazilian Socialist Party presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, his aides, and the crew, has raised more questions among Brazilian investigators and the general public. Since its introduction in 1996, the plane has enjoyed a perfect safety record. The sudden death of Campos upended the Brazilian presidential election campaign in a manner that may benefit the United States and the Central Intelligence Agency's long-range agenda for Latin America.

Disturbing questions are being raised about the ownership of the aircraft. The plane's murky record of ownership and registration, along with the lack of cockpit voice recordings thanks to an apparent malfunction in the plane's cockpit voice recorder, has a number of Brazilians wondering whether the plane was sabotaged by the United States. Rather than containing a recording of Campos's flight, the recorder had the voice recordings from a previous flight.

The plane was en route from Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont Airport to Guaruja when it crashed in a residential area of Santos.

The plane was operated by AF Andrade Enterprises and Holdings, which is based in Ribeirão Preto in Sao Paulo state, but leased from Cessna Finance Export Corporation, a division of Textron, a major U.S. defense and intelligence contractor, which also owns Cessna. The malfunctioning cockpit voice recorder was manufactured by another U.S. defense and intelligence contractor, L-3 Communications. AF Andrade's business is centered around its ownership of a distillery. A spokesman for AF Andrade said the $9 million aircraft had not been recently inspected but stressed that it had a perfect maintenance record.

However, the spokesman for AF Andrade could not specifically state who owned the aircraft but admitted that it, likely the lease, was up for sale and had recently been purchased by a group of "factory owners and importers" from Pernambuco. Campos was a former governor of Pernambuco.

The purchasers turned out to be a consortium that included Bandeirantes Tires, Ltd. The tire company said that negotiations on transferring ownership were ongoing when the plane crashed and that Cessna Finance Export Corporation had not yet approved the final leasing rights. Brazilian observers believe the Cessna that crashed was a "ghost plane," with murky ownership in order to cover up the plane's use for covert operations involving the CIA.
Et tu Marina? Eduardo Campos [left] and his vice presidential, now presidential, candidate Marina Silva [right].

Since Campos's death, he has been replaced on the ticket by former Green Party presidential candidate Marina Silva, who is a darling of the George Soros-financed and directed globalization and "civil society" movement. Silva, who is a pro-Israeli adherent of the Assemblies of God pentecostal movement church, is much more pro-business and pro-American than incumbent President Dilma Rousseff of the Brazilian Workers' Party. Rousseff recently, along with her fellow BRICS leaders from Russia, India, China, and South Africa, created a new development bank that challenges the supremacy of the U.S.-run World Bank.

Silva, who may be enjoying more than a sympathy vote, recently gained in polls against Rousseff. The Brazilian president is seen by Washington as an adversary, especially after details were leaked by Edward Snowden of massive National Security Agency surveillance of the Brazilian president.

If Rousseff were forced into a run-off with Silva as either first or second-place finisher in the first round, Aecio Neves, of the conservative Social Democratic Party has stated he would endorse Silva if he comes in third. The political arithmetic could then spell trouble for Rousseff, who would have likely glided to victory had it not been for Silva's advancement to the head of the Socialist Party ticket.  Silva's vice presidential running mate is Beto Albuquerque, whose "civil society" credentials in consumer and human rights protection indicates a Soros "upbringing."

Outubro de 2013 - cria-se o
The Campos-Silva math didn't work for the globalists, so they eliminated Campos to make way for Silva.

The current polls for the October 5 first round is Rousseff with 36% of the vote, Silva with 21%, and Neves with 20%. However, with Neves out of the race in a second round, polls show Silva beating Rousseff 47% to 43%.

The favorable outcome for Silva as a result of the possible aerial assassination of Campos and his aides has many suspicious about the CIA's role in the plane crash, especially after CIA fingerprints were discovered on presidential aerial assassinations of Panamanian President Omar Torrijos and Ecuadorian President Jaime Roldos in 1981. Just this past February, the presidential helicopter normally used by Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa, a strong opponent of Washington's policies and an ally of Rousseff, crashed in the mountains on a flight from Guayaquil to Quito. Correa's personal pilot was killed in the crash. Correa, who was addressing a campaign rally at the time of the crash, stressed that he was not scheduled to be on the flight of the Indian-made Dhruv helicopter. However, the suspicion of CIA sabotage could not be suppressed among the Ecuadorian population.

Silva is being touted as Brazil's "Third Way" candidate. Third Way is an international movement that has been used by corporate politicians, many of them financed by Soros, to infiltrate and take over historically pro-labor, socialist, and progressive parties. The Third Ways' most notable politicians include Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Germany's Gerhard Schroeder, Canada's Justin Trudeau, Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and former Prime Minister Romeo Prodi, Portugal's Jose Socrates, Israel's Ehud Barak, and officials of the Brazilian Socialist, Green, and Social Democratic Parties, including Silva, Neves, the late Eduardo Campos, and former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. However, when it becomes advantageous to assassinate one Third Wayer in order to promote another one, there is no problem to eliminate someone like Campos in order to make way for a more popular (and controlled) politician like Silva, especially when the interests of Israel are at stake.

One Brazilian blog, Ocafezinho, has written the following about WMR's report on the possible aerial assassination of Campos and the conspiracy behind it:

"The only conspiracy theory that makes sense involves the name of MarinaSilvaSo if some idiot (or genius, you never knowwants to promoteconspiracy theories [a reference to current theories in Brazil that Rousseff was somehow behind the Cessna crash]I reproduce below a wonderfulreference:

It is an article written by Wayne Madseninvestigative journalist and a blogger who has become a leading expert on conspiracy theories in the United States. He is respected by groups of the left and rightDozens of important sites often publishes his articlesHe is constantly interviewed byseveral TV channels.

According to Madsenthe death of Campos and the rise of Marina may involve a plan orchestrated by American billionaireswith goal of defeatingDilma Rousseffwhose defense of national sovereignty is seen as a hindrance to the imperial interests of the United States and internationalspeculators."