Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Is Pennsylvania the center of the pedophile mafia? by Wayne Madsen Report

SPECIAL REPORT. Is Pennsylvania the center of the pedophile mafia?
 by Wayne Madsen Report
If the pedophile mafia operating at the highest echelons of the United States government had a central state, it might as well be Pennsylvania. Not only have Republicans and Democrats in the state banded together to unseat Pennsylvania's first female and Democratic Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, who has been undauntedly persistent in her attempt to rid the state of pedophile enablers, but they have rolled over and permitted convicted former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky to receive a $211,000 check for his withheld state pension from his conviction for child molestation. Six percent interest was added by a state court that ruled the state Pension Forfeiture Act was improperly applied to Sandusky in 2012 after he was convicted of sexually molesting 10 boys. Sandusky's monthly state pension of $4900 a month will also resume this month. 

The same state court system indicted Kane for releasing so-called "grand jury protected" images obtained from the state's email system that showed that commonwealth supreme court justices, state prosecutors assigned to investigate Sandusky and his pedophile ring at Penn State, and state police officials sent and received pornographic images, some highly suggestive of pedophile content.

State Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin, a Republican who was sitting in judgement over the embattled Kane, was suspended from the court for sending and receiving pornographic emails, some involving the images of children. Earlier, Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffrey, a Democrat, stepped down after his involvement in the porn emails was discovered. Making matters worse is that Commonwealth Superior Court Justice Anne Covey, a conservative pro-life Republican, made no secret of her goal to downgrade the interpretation of pedophilia in her court deliberations concerning the NCAA fines levied on Penn State. Covey's defense of Penn State and pedophile conduct on campus also affected the criminal trial of former Penn State president Graham Spanier, senior vice president Gary Schultz, and athletic director Tim Curley. 

Covey attended a State College fund raiser for her that was sponsored by two former members of Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation's board, board chairman Bob Poole and board member Lance Shaner. Penn State's unapologetic cheerleader Franco Harris also held a fund raiser for Covey. Covey's malfeasance on behalf of Penn State as a member of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court was so egregious that the Pennsylvania Bar Association refused to endorse Covey for election to the Supreme Court.

Pennsylvania is a state that seems to reward pedophiles and their enablers and punishes those who combat against the scourge of child molestation and exploitation.

President Judge of the Commonwealth Court Dan Pellegrini, elected to the court in 1989, wrote in the court's opinion that the pension forfeiture law did not apply to Sandusky because he had previously retired from Penn State in 1999 and that the criminal charges against him were from a time period when he could no longer be considered an employee of Penn State. Such a weasel-worded ruling indicates that Pellegrini, himself, is, like his bench colleague Covey, more of a defender of the pederast elite than an unbiased example of jurisprudence. 

It was Pellegrini who, in 2013, issued an order calling for the cessation of the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses, particularly in tony Montgomery County, a band of wealthy suburbs west of Philadelphia, also known as the "Main Line." It was Montgomery County district attorney Risa Vetri Ferman who brought criminal charges against Kane in an attempt to have her removed from office. Vetri's brother is Hollywood producer Adam Vetri, who received a Director's Guild of America award nomination for a less-than-forgettable show called "Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge, Welcome to the Gun Show." Risa Vetri Ferman is a member of Beth Sholom synagogue in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, coincidentally the same synagogue where Benjamin Netanyahu and his father and mother were members when they lived in Elkins Park.

From "Uncle Eddie" Savitz [left] to Jerry Sandusky [right] Pennsylvania and its pedophile-enabling political leaders and judges have ensured that a safe haven has always existed in the state for child molesters and perverts.

Risa Ferman appears to have "advocacy washed" her resume by championing the battle against the exploitation of children on the Internet. Ironically, Ferman sought to prosecute Kane for trying to rid the state government of officials who trafficked in sexually-explicit images of children while they also blocked an aggressive investigation of Sandusky and his wider pedophile network. Ferman is adept at receiving awards for her alleged work against child abuse but Kane has actually sought to get to the root of the problem in Pennsylvania: Ferman's pals among the wealthy elite in the state who abet or participate in child molestation. Ferman is also a blogger for the George Soros-influenced Huffington Post.

One such member of the Philly elite who was convicted of child abuse was "Uncle Eddie" Savitz, who was also known as "Big Eddie," "Fat Eddie," and "Dr. Feel Good." Savitz was vice president and 
actuary of the Savitz Organization, a major Philadelphia insurance brokerage company where Savitz's brother, Sanuel, served as president.

Savitz, the son of a Philadelphia arcade owner (where else to prey on kids?), lived in the luxurious Wanamaker House on Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square where he became known as the "got to guy" for young teenage boys eager to receive quick cash or concert and sporting event tickets. The young boys merely exchanged their soiled underwear or such acts as oral/anal sex, vomiting or defecating into Uncle Eddie's mouth, engaging in penis "sword fights" with Savitz, or urinating on Savitz. Savitz stored the feces of the underage males in pizza boxes in his apartment. Although Savitz was a grotesque pervert, his first arrest in 1978 for indecent assault was suspended in lieu of a rehabilitation program. His criminal record was then expunged. The District Attorney of Philadelphia who cut the sweetheart deal for Savitz was Ed Rendell, the future mayor of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania's second Jewish governor after Shapp. In 1990, Savitz again eluded justice when he was found not guilty of purchasing a boy's soiled underpants.
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                      Pennsylvania's de facto state motto: "Kids for Cash."

Not until 1992 was Savitz arrested in a sting operation after a court-ordered camera and wiretap was installed in his Rittenhouse Square home. When Savitz offered to pay two 15-year old boys for oral sex, detectives broke in and arrested Savitz. The police discovered 5000 pornographic photos of young boys and 312 bags of boys' soiled underpants. Savitz was also found to be HIV-positive. Common Pleas judge Howland Abramson the cut Savitz's bail from $20 million to a more affordable $4 million.

Unbelievably, after slashing Savitz's bail, Abramson said from the bench that he feared that Savitz would not only flee Philadelphia if he came up with the $4 million but would engage in the very same sordid activity. Had Savitz come up with the bail money, Abramson ruled that he would have had to check himself to the locked unit 
of the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital in West Philadelphia and submit to electronic monitoring. The deal is similar to that given to pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in West Palm Beach, Florida where his prison sentence consisted of mere night time stays at a country club jail with the right to travel out of state. It was clear that in Pennsylvania someone was pulling Abramson's judicial robe but in pedophile-friendly Pennsylvania, this should have come as no shock. Ed Rendell, the D.A. who cut the sweetheart deal with Savitz when he was first arrested and who, like Savitz, was also known as "Fast Eddie," was sworn in as mayor of Philadelphia a few months before Savitz's third arrest in March 1992.

In March 1993, Savitz is said to have died in prison from complications from AIDS a week before his trial was to begin. Members of Philadelphia's upper crust, habitu├ęs of the such august institutions as the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia Orchestra, Philly Pops, and the National Museum of American Jewish History, 
expressed "shock" that one of their own was a vile sex pervert and pedophile.

Sources in Philadelphia believe that Savitz's operations were connected to those of Sandusky at Penn State and that both commercially trafficked in the type of pedophile filth found in Savitz's home in Philadelphia. 
Greg Bucceroni, a former child prostitute and Savitz victim claimed that in 1979 and 1980 Savitz brought him to a fundraiser for Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation near Harrisburg. Thornburgh, a future U.S. Attorney General, was governor at the time.

Pennsylvania's pederast elite has, according to WMR's sources, run rampant in state government at least since the governorship of Milton Shapp in the 1970s and continuing to the present governor, Democrat Tom Wolf. Other governors who tolerated pederasty in state government included Republican Richard Thornburgh, Tom Ridge, and Mark Schweiker, Democrats Bob Casey, Sr. and Ed Rendell, and Wolf's predecessor, Republican Tom Corbett. Corbett also failed to carry out an adequate investigation of Sandusky and his non-profit foundation, the Second Mile Foundation, which was accused of pimping out young boys in return for donations, while serving as the commonwealth's Attorney General.

It is clear that Ferman, stung by allegations that she was engaged in a political witch hunt against Kane, diverted attention by obtaining an indictment of Philly native Bill Cosby for an alleged 2004 sexual assault of
Andrea Constand in Montgomery County. It was Ferman's last official act. Hollywood's feminist firebrand lawyer Gloria Allred stormed into Elkins Park demanding justice for all of Cosby's alleged victims. However, as far as the Hollywood-connected Ferman was concerned, her persecution and prosecution of Attorney General Kane has little to do with seeking justice for the young male victims of Sandusky and the wider network involving "Fast Eddie" Savitz, "Fast Eddie" Rendell, Milt Shapp, and other pedophile enablers.