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Allen Dulles threatened Truman and Ike by The Wayne Madsen Report

Allen Dulles threatened Truman and Ike
WMR previously reported on a little-known letter sent by Warren Commission member and former CIA director Allen Dulles to former President Harry Truman in Independence, Missouri. The letter was dated January 7, 1964 and Truman responded to it on January 14, 1964. A copy of the Dulles letter to Truman, in which a certain "subject" was discussed, was not found in the Truman Library archives.

The exchange of correspondence between Dulles and Truman came just a few weeks after Truman published an OP ED in several newspapers lamenting the fact that he had ever created the Central Intelligence Agency. On December 7, 1963, Truman began writing his OP-ED for his national syndicator, the Newspaper Alliance of North America, just a few weeks after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas.

According to a researcher of the assassination of Kennedy, Dulles's letter to Truman, in which the nation's former top spook requested a personal meeting with the former president while en route from Washington to Dallas to investigate the November 22, 1963, assassination on behalf of the Warren Commission, was to warn Truman against any further attacks on the CIA and, by insinuation, any suggestion the CIA was somehow involved with the murder of the president.

Truman and Eisenhower gaze on the coffin of Kennedy. Soon, they would both receive a threatening message from Allen Dulles.

The gist of what Dulles told Truman is that the former president had not been in the Oval Office for over a decade and that the CIA had changed its mission since Truman created the agency in 1947. Dulles, according to our source, told Truman that post-Truman Cold War events necessitated CIA operations in Guatemala, Iran, and other countries that Truman criticized in his OP ED.

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Truman apparently warned JFK about the CIA's plans to destabilize his administration and possibly harm him.

The JFK assassination researcher told WMR that Dulles also threatened former President Dwight Eisenhower on a visit to his Gettysburg, Pennsylvania ranch. Eisenhower twice, in response to his hearing of Kennedy's assassination, told a television interviewer: "the American people will not be 'stampeded,'" a possible reference to a potential whitewash of those behind the assassination.

There has not yet been any documentation, such as that regarding Dulles's trip to Independence, uncovered about Dulles's trip to Gettysburg. Dulles allegedly told Eisenhower and Truman that he was aware of their conversations with Kennedy between 1962 and his assassination in 1963 warning him to be on guard against plans by the CIA to destabilize his administration and personally harm him.

Former President Hoover with then-Senator John F. Kennedy.
JFK with former President Hoover.

There is no evidence whether Dulles also threatened former President Herbert Hoover who, in 1963, was ailing at the age of 89 at his residence in New York's Waldorf-Astoria hotel. It is known that Hoover maintained a close friendship with JFK as  both a senator and as president and even served as Kennedy's personal liaison to Richard Nixon after Kennedy defeated him in the 1960 presidential election. Hoover also took ill after hearing about Kennedy's assassination. Hoover remained too ill to travel to Kennedy's funeral in Washington.

The threats made against Truman and Eisenhower by Dulles are relevant to this day and the 2016 presidential election.

Before the United States considers a Ted Cruz presidency, perhaps his Cuban-Canadian father, Rafael Cruz, Sr., should come totally clean about his whereabouts from 1963, the year Kennedy was assassinated, to 1967, the year he departed New Orleans for Calgary, Canada. 1967 is also the year that New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison began his prosecution of New Orleans businessman and CIA asset Clay Shaw, who was connected to Rafael Cruz through corporate interfaces.

Cruz and his second wife Helen Darragh, Ted Cruz's mother, sold their Rafael B. Cruz & Associates oil services firm to the French-based Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (CCG) in 1974. CCG was linked to the large Schlumberger oil conglomerate. Schlumberger had been active with the CIA and Zapata Offshore Company, which was owned by George H. W. Bush. Moreover, Jean de Menil,the son-in-law of Schlumberger founder Conrad Schlumberger, was a key figure in the Permindex, the New Orleans-based CIA front headed up by Clay Shaw that was a key target of Garrison's investigation.